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Mobile Games Are a Booming Industry For Success Growth

Mobile gaming experienced an unprecedented boom that started during the late 2000s. However, during the early 2010s, it really took off like a greyhound at the start of a race! With wider access to smartphones and tablets, mobile gaming has speedily transformed from nothing substantial to an industry that by 2013 was worth $17.5 billion.

Improvements in technology have made mobile phone games more accessible and easier to play. The graphics and audio effects have also been improved to make them pretty much irresistible, with the result that by this time just about everyone with a mobile device has at some point in time played a mobile game.

But what exactly has contributed to the wide-ranging success and ubiquity of mobile games? Read on and get to see this question answered below.

Constantly Evolving Tech

At first, only the first mobile devices like Blackberry and PDA’s were capable of actually playing mobile games. These devices were however intended for use as business tools rather than game machines, and so had few games designed for them. A seismic shift, however, happened when the first iPhone was launched in 2007. This device was massively successful and was widely touted as being capable of revolutionizing both communication and entertainment as we knew it. This it famously did and to such a great extent that soon mobile gamers quickly outnumbered those who play games on consoles and the PC. It helped that rather than going to a physical store to buy games for their mobile devices like traditional gamers normally do, players on mobile could instead download games at their convenience.

Easily Mobile

During the 90’s a game called “Snake” ruled. This was a simple game that involved moving a snake around in order to avoid varying obstacles, while eating random numbers in order to get bigger and bigger. This game was at first only available on graphing calculators made by Texas Instruments. These were insanely expensive and thus not for everyone. As a result, there were few portable gaming systems, with these being restricted to the Nintendo Gameboy and Playstation Portable. This state of things was to change with the spread of smartphones, which enabled everyone within all social stratas to game on the go.


Yet another reason for the massive spread and popularity of mobile games lies in the simple fact that they cost much less to make compared to console and PC games. Mobile games usually employ the simplest graphics that are a breeze to code. As a result, games can be speedily made by small teams, rather than the juggernauts that currently control the PC and console gaming industry. Thus, most mobile games cost a few hundred dollars to develop. This is in stark contrast to console and PC games that can cost upwards of $50 million just to develop and about the same to distribute. Additionally, should mobile game developers be in need of funds, they can turn to crowdfund sites for help and quickly get together enough cash to make what might well be a blockbuster!

The Stagnation Of Traditional Games

the mobile gaming industry is incredibly dynamic and resilient. This along with low development costs, as well as short production times and the ready availability of funds ensures that mobile games come in more formats than game developers for traditional gaming systems can match. As well, weekly, monthly and yearly, the mobile OS and hardware is updated by various manufacturers, while such is not normally possible with console and PC systems. Developing games for these new devices is much easier.

Mobile gaming is the new in-thing. Its appeal lies in its low cost, innovation and ease of access. From the look of things, it can only wax stronger and demolish every obstacle in its path and trend have readily started showing in online casinos like Monaco Riches.

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