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5 Effective Ways to Hack Someone’s WhatsApp

WhatsApp is currently the most popular social messaging application used by a majority of individuals across the globe. It is quite difficult to find someone who uses a smartphone without the application installed. It is considered to be a fine way to chat with someone seamlessly.

However, in recent days, this messenger app has become a reason for distress. For example, teenagers are easily getting molested, relationships are getting ruined. There are times when people desperately learn more on Spyine, or similar spying tools.

This is when they Google – how to hack someone’s WhatsApp. Here in this article, we have listed down 5 such effective applications that are purposely designed to hack WhatsApp. For example, you can use Spyine to read someone’s WhatsApp messages or Spyier to track the browsing history.

Keep reading the content till the end and you will find the most fruitful digital ways that can help you in hacking someone’s WhatsApp.

5 Easy Ways to use applications that can be used to read someone’s WhatsApp messages


When it is about hacking WhatsApp messages then nothing can be better than Spyine, the most effective hacking partner available in today’s market. You can use Spyine to read someone’s WhatsApp messages on both Android and iOS phones and tablets remotely from a web browser.

It acts as a third eye of the user which when installed in any target device keeps an eye on the contact list, call records, messages, and social media applications like WhatsApp and Snapchat.

Spyine can be used in just 3 steps:

  1. Create a Spyine account, just like you create your social media account. This is absolutely free.
  2. Install the Spyine app on the target device. You can even refer to the steps mentioned in your email for the installation process.
  3. Open your web browser to sign-in to the Spyine dashboard. Select the WhatsApp option on the social app column and start monitoring.

Spyine is a multi-faceted spy solution. It comes up with a multitude of features that include geofence alert, keylogger, background check service, people search service, business details tracker, installed application tracker, inappropriate content sensor, and many more.

Spyine never reveals the identity of the user to the target. To track the Android targets, it switches on the stealth mode and works without rooting. Whereas, for the iOS devices, it uses no jailbreaking, making it possible for the user to track the device content remotely.

Scroll down the Spyine web page to learn more on Spyine.


Spyier can be the next best solution for those wondering how to spy on someone’s WhatsApp messages. The hacking tool is designed for spying on messages, location, calls, contacts, and different social media options.

Here are some simple steps following which you may keep an eye on someone’s WhatsApp messages. Check them out!

  1. Set up a Spyier account for free. You can use your own email ID to fetch all the details.
  2. Download the Spyier app on the device that you want to spy on. This takes hardly 2-3 minutes.
  3. Establish the connection by login to the Spyier dashboard and tick the WhatsApp option on the social media column.

Spiyer can be used for both Android and iPhone using targets. Well, one can even browse the Spyier website and get a live demo before commencing the process.


Minspy is another top-notch monitoring tool that can be used to keep tabs on the smart mobile devices. No matter whether it is a phone or a tablet, no matter whether it supports the Android version or iOS, Minspy is ready to hack the device content, being in a hidden mode.

Like other hacking tools, Minspy can also be used following a few simple steps.

  1. Browse Minspy and register for free.
  2. Download and install a Minspy app on the Android or iOS device.
  3. Login to the Minspy dashboard from your web browser and choose the WhatsApp icon from the column.

Minspy is ready to work!

Minspy is a secure WhatsApp tracking tool that can access and monitor data from any internet-enabled device. It neither uses jailbreaking nor does it need rooting, making it nearly impossible for the iOS and Android targets respectively to find out that their data is being hacked.


Spyic is one of the most reliable hacking applications that do not require much effort to establish a connection with the target devices. Here’s how the process follows.

  1. Create a Spyic account and simultaneously install a Spyic app on the target device.
  2. Login and move the cursor to the Spyic dashboard. Here you will find the column on Spyic that allows spying on different social media platforms.
  3. Select WhatsApp from the category on the left side of the social app option.

Spyic is ready to monitor!

From contact details to conversations to media files, Spyic allows you to get access to the account. The best thing is that you can even trace the incoming and outgoing WhatsApp calls using this hacking application.

Spyic is effective for both Android and iOS devices. And in both cases, it is too hard for the WhatsApp user to find out that their WhatsApp accounts are being hacked.

For Android devices, the application uses its stealth mode feature while for the iOS devices it hides its identity by switching to its web-based mode.


Cocospy is again one fine WhatsApp hacking application that needs worth-mentioning. Using Cocospy, you are not just allowed to spy on the WhatsApp messages, but even get the leverage to track the device location and SMS.

Cocospy is easy to install and can be used for both Android and iOS targets. Like others, this hacking tool also keeps its identity invisible to the targets. It is quite easy to download and easy to set up without any effort.

  1. Create an account on Cocospy which is absolutely free and takes hardly a minute.
  2. Install the application on the device you want to hack. Obviously, no rooting or jailbreaking is required.
  3. Find the Cocospy dashboard from the web browser and switch on the social media icon that you need to spy on.

Finally, you are set to monitor the target.

The best thing about this application is even if the target deletes all the information from its WhatsApp account, it will remain visible on Cocospy. Maybe that’s what has made this application popular among hackers.

The Bottom Line

Finding an appropriate application to hack WhatsApp is not as easy as it seems to. However, the list of applications mentioned above can ease out the problem to a great extent. Instead of biting your nails while scrolling down the plenty of search engine results in response to your query, you can simply choose one among the aforementioned applications.

You can either use Spyine to read someone’s WhatsApp messages or else look for Spyier to cater to your needs. In the end, it actually doesn’t matter what application you choose, what matters is that you are using the appropriate hacking app. So, go ahead, learn more on Spyine.

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