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Published on March 17th, 2021 | by Bibhuranjan


Advantages of Virtual Number for 2-Way Messaging

A virtual number is also known as a dedicated number or long code, as regular mobile numbers can access a Messageport account for sending and receiving text messages. Edgility allows the user to receive or send text messages using the same number. Therefore, a virtual number is most suitable for running two-way message campaigns.

Companies can promote their virtual number using brochure, advertising campaigns, and website. It gives enterprises a highly cost-effective and efficient mode of increasing potential clients. Also, customers can get information request, feedback, and promotional campaigns via message campaigns.

Notable Features of a Virtual Number

  • Automatic Reply

Companies can set up an auto-reply mechanism for every virtual message number. It also allows the integration of specific keywords for auto-replies.

  • Managing Multiple Message Campaign

With the help of a virtual number, businesses can create and manage SMS campaigns using message code. In addition, it allows them to auto-reply send keywords based on the campaign to attract potential customers.

  • Managing Keywords

The keyboard setup feature allows individuals to search specific businesses, enterprises a series of keywords for every campaign for sending automatic reply triggered by a particular keyword

  • Automatic Follower SMS

A virtual number allows a business to send a message to multiple customers at a time. SMS can also be sent to recipients that did not respond to the original message. Besides, it is an exceptional tool for running promotional campaigns.

  • Easy Opt-Out Option

It is a reply stop feature using a Messageport. This feature allows businesses to update the unsubscribe list without affecting the actual campaign.

How Businesses Can Use a Virtual Number

  • Marketing Targeted Offers

Enterprises can organize groups of customers based on profile and demographics. Edgility helps them create custom campaigns for every group of the target audience. Hence, database grouping is done based on location and customer preferences.

  • Confirmation of Orders

Customers can easily place and confirm their order by sending a text message to the virtual number. Hence, Auto-reply feature further helps in streamlining the entire process.

  • Receiving Feedback

Message campaigns are an excellent tool for gathering feedback from customers. Conversations via virtual number help businesses receive valuable feedback, suggestions for improving existing product and services.

  • SMS Based Competitions

One of the most effective means of promoting products and services is with marketing collaterals like billboards, brochure, social media handle, TV, print, radio, etc. Besides, companies allow customers to text in a chance to win while collecting necessary data ethically.

How SMS Campaigns Help Businesses Communicate Effectively With Their Customer Base

  • Reach

Message campaigns using virtual numbers allow businesses to reach many potential buyers at the same time. Network operators usually have millions of mobile subscribers enabling businesses to grow. Today, almost everyone uses a mobile phone for daily communication and a virtual number of help in advertising products and services nearly everywhere. Besides, messages reach straight to the user, unlike alternative modes of the campaign.

  • Highly Cost-Effective

Running advertising campaigns with a virtual number is the most cost-effective marketing channel for businesses of all sizes. Similarly, Edgility SMS campaigns offer excellent flexibility in terms of pricing and can be customized as per the budget and size of the customer base

  • Engaging Potential Customers

2-way SMS marketing allows brands to communicate with their customers as they can also participate with the company. Likewise, SMS marketing helps bridge the gap between the buyer and the brand that has taken the internet effectively and connect with the business. It provides a clear and simple communication channel for active and loyal customers. Moreover, the virtual number allows customers to communicate with the company and create new leads.

  • Flexibility

Currently, there is a vast selection of value-added application for messaging campaigns. It helps in improving relationships with existing and new customers through loyalty programs. Likewise, businesses also promote unique offers and products via message campaigns.

  • Targeting

The database of the existing customer allows marketers to target client based on preference and demographic. Businesses cannot communicate with their client through personalized campaigns. Edgility virtual number helps in landing SMS on time, which further increases the effectiveness of marketing messages. Besides, it helps generate a significant response in comparison to other communication mediums.

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