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Tips and Tricks for Refrigerated Trucking

Without refrigerated trucks, the world as we know it would be very different. From food and pharmaceuticals to art and cosmetics, these trucks can be set at the perfect temperature for the cargo. Renting or buying these trucks can be great when you need them, but some people don’t realize just how versatile they are and how to ship frozen food. This will go over the best uses of reefer trucks and things to know before you buy or rent one.

Different Types of Trailers

There are numerous trailers to choose from and some are similar to refrigerated trucks. Many people confuse insulated trucks with reefer trucks because they can look similar. An insulated truck can help regulate temperature, but it doesn’t have a cooling apparatus. It instead uses thick walls and the proper material to keep contents cool or hot. This is like a thermos. There’s nothing that actively regulates temperature, but it keeps the objects hot or cold for hours.

Ventilated vans are also similar to refrigerated trucks. They have air systems and allow air to easily get in and out of the truck. This can be good for transporting produce across short spaces and can help with temperature regulation. Much like insulated trucks, this trailer doesn’t have an active system that regulates temperature.

Best Uses for a Reefer Trailer

A reefer trailer can effectively haul many difficult items. Frozen food is one of the most common items and these trucks are great for supermarkets and restaurants. Pharmaceuticals are also very common because there are many medications that must be kept cold or they will lose effectiveness.

Many cosmetic items like perfumes and makeup will be ruined if they are exposed to fluctuating temperatures. These trucks can ensure the cosmetics stay at an even temperature throughout their trip. Chemicals and engineering materials are also common cargo for these trucks. They need to be kept at a specific temperature or the materials can be damaged.

One of the most surprising cargo types would be arts and antiques. These need to be kept in a stable climate to ensure moisture and humidity don’t destroy them. Refrigerated trucks are ideal for this.

Things to Know about Reefer Trailers

The first thing to know is that the refrigeration works seamlessly with your power and charging system. Many people think these systems are separate, but the refrigeration should be hooked right into the trailer. Since these trucks require significantly more power than other trucks, you’ll want to be very careful about picking the right size.

Getting a trailer that’s too big can waste a lot of money while a small trailer may not allow you to carry enough cargo. You’ll also want to consider tracking, especially for products that will be ruined if they are outside a certain temperature. Advanced tracking systems will show if there were any lapses in refrigeration or if a mechanical failure occurred.

You’ll want to keep an eye on your gas gauge while driving one of these trucks. Since the refrigeration is hooked into the power system, many trucks will stop cooling items if the gas is getting low. You’ll want to be very careful about this to ensure the cargo arrives safely.

Temperature-Sensitive Tips and Tricks

Packing items too tightly can be a terrible idea. This may prevent some of the items from being properly chilled, which can result in undue spoilage. You can buy a sensor or use tracking software to ensure that all the cargo is kept at the right temperature.

Be very mindful about maintenance with reefer trucks. Not only do they degrade faster than conventional dry trucks, but they can lose functionality and may inefficiently cool cargo. You’ll want to stay on top of any and all maintenance.

You should also consider what you’re hauling. Some objects cannot go together as they might damage nearby cargo. For example, some fruits like apples, apricots and bananas release ethylene gas when they ripen. This can damage other produce along with chemicals, antiques and other items.


Reefer trailers are amazing because they allow you to carry cargo that would otherwise be almost impossible to carry. If you’re mindful about maintenance and keep these trucks on order, then they will be fantastic for your needs.

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