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Technology Tools for Today’s Home


If you have seen movies reminiscent of Minority Report and Artificial Intelligence, then like many others you would have an appreciation for cool gadgets. These innovations have increasingly become popular, and while increasingly garnering the interests of consumers everywhere, more and more companies are developing innovations that can be used right inside your home. Bill Gates is one such person, who is known to have technology tools for today’s smart home and you can too. It seems we are almost living in the age of the ‘Jetsons’ where cleaning, cooking, entertainment, lighting, security and even sleep have a quicker solution.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

Even though vacuuming was made easier by the help of vacuum cleaners, many of us, do wish that it does not have to exert so much manual power to get our houses clean. Thankfully, we don’t have to anymore! Floor, carpet and those hard to reach areas can be addressed by a new fleet of robotic innovation coupled with smart technology. They are capable of navigating obstacles in their direct path. No supervision necessary, these robots can have your house cleaned with no direct interference, once a schedule has been set. Check out the most up-to-date home cleaning solution from Deebot.

Robotic Alarm Clocks

So you love to sleep, and you tend to reach over and snooze the alarm every morning, thereby having to rush to get to work on time. Well, no more! The Clocky alarm clock is the challenge you need to get you out of your bed. This system will give you a run for your money; literally! It is a device on wheel that is programmed to hide in corners and under your bed if you have a penchant for hitting the snooze button.

Wireless Lighting System

In this age, we are now used to motion detection lights in our yards. Well, technology has advanced a bit further. Now there are intelligent LED light bulbs that do not require you to utilize on and off switch. If you are not at home, don’t worry about it! You can manipulate your wireless lights using a Smartphone app. If you prefer, you can also set up a schedule for the lights to come on automatically whether you are at home or not. Modern technology has made home living that much more convenient. Check out the Philips Hue LED Lighting System.

Smart Radiator

If you live in places with extreme temperatures, then you are familiar with having to withstand those chilly nights, even though you have a radiator. Well no more! The Bediator is the modern solution to your problems. This intelligent device is able to manipulate its temperature to keep you warm during the long cold nights. It is a bed, which is also a radiator that comes with controls so that it folds up when not in use. It also comes with a LED display panel, where you can track pertinent information. You do not have to worry about an increase in your bills because it is energy efficient.

Smart Faucet

Water wastage is a huge issue. Whether it is via the faucet or the toilet, many homes contribute to the waste millions of gallons of water every year. However, with a smart faucet, you will have technological help that minimizes the amount of water you use. Say hello to a smaller carbon footprint, with its energy efficiency features. You don’t have to worry about the smaller children in your household or the elderly and disabled; a smart faucet is easy to use and idle in all settings.

Smart Body Analyzer

This nifty device will aid you in monitoring your health. This smart piece of technology might look like your traditional weight scale, but it does so much more. It is able to conduct a health analysis and return pertinent health data. You will be able to gage your room air quality, heart rate, and body fat percentage.  The Smart Body Analyser also can be operated using a mobile phone app; monitoring your health can become so much easier with the use of graphs, reports, and promptings on when to clean your room, for a more holistic lifestyle.

Wireless Speakers

This invention is more common than before. Imagine not having to see or deal with unsightly wires. You can take the speakers with you wherever you go, just as long as it has been sufficiently charged. Now you can relax with soothing music in your garden or outdoor terrace, or stay in another area of the house and remotely control your speakers with your Smartphone application. There are many designs to suit your taste and which are aesthetically appealing.

Wireless Door/Window Sensor

Security is always at the forefront of a homeowners mind and having wireless doors and window sensors are just the help you need. This is available from Z-wave and works by monitoring your windows and doors. They can be used at home as well as at the office. If an intrusion is detected, the system will alert you via a Smartphone app. Message notifications are sent either to your phone or email. There is also a feature to monitor whether doors and windows are closed or open.

Solar Lights

The use of solar energy has increasingly become more common. Not only is it an option for a big business looking to save extra bucks, but it is now more accessible by homeowners. Innovative designers have designed pathway lights which trap energy from the sun during the day so that your pathway lights can run all night. There is a minimal cost with installation and no wiring necessary. They are programmed with off/on functions that detect dusk and dawn. Your pocket will thank you for this investment, both in the short and long term.

Technological advancements are expected to continue to make home living that much more enjoyable. We already have smart fridges, smart watches, smart air purifiers and a host of other gadgets on the market. Ensure that you shop around and read instructions and reviews carefully.

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