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How to Identify the Best Progressive Tool and Die Makers

Progressive tooling is helping thousands of industries to accomplish more number of tasks in less time. There are many progressive tool and die maker companies offering their services in the market. However, not all of them are really experienced or have the caliber to provide the most efficient services. So, what do you do? If you have a project of progressive tool and die making at hand, it is best to carry out good research about the company and then hand over this task to them. This is a project that costs lot of money, time and efforts, and so you need to be careful in what you decide. Here are some of the important aspects to identify the best progressive tool and die makers.

What technology do they use?

Progressive tool and die makers use the latest technology for designing and producing precision metal parts. When it comes to progressive tooling, there are a lot of aspects that can only be achieved if latest technology is used. Progressive tool design helps in minimizing the overall expense of a project due to the efficient design. Various dimensions, shapes, sizes, and tolerances need to be checked. Blueprints, specifications, and sketches need to be checked on software applications such as CAM or CAD.

The efficient designing of tools is only possible with the help of latest technology. There are several designing software, machining tools, and hardware to accomplish these tasks. So you need to identify the type of software and other such vital technology being used by the company. The use of latest technology is a good sign of professionalism and efforts to provide best resolution to clients.

What is their experience?

Experience plays a huge role in progressive tool design. A company reaching to this stage of developing and designing progressive tooling has definitely built lot of it on their experience. For making the tool designs, professionals need to carefully inspect the designs, identify minor problems, and furnish these details to get perfect results.

Experienced professionals will have a knack of identifying what’s best progressive tooling design in a particular scenario. These professionals will consider the material being used, the design, and thickness of the part and so on to come up with proper resolution. So, you need to make sure that the company you hire is experienced in this field. The years of presence in this industry speaks volumes about them because in the recent past there have been several changes and updates, and only the best have survived this competition.

In-house tooling department has its own benefits

A company have in-house tool room has edge over other progressive tool and die makers. Tool rooms work behind the scenes and so not most clients consider this fact. However, it is one of the important aspects that need consideration as well. This is where the future of a particular project is written so to speak. In-house tool designing team helps to shorten the overall project time with months. A well organized and equipped in-house tool room helps to get the best in design process as early as possible.

In-house tool room in a precision metal stamping company is a good sign of cutting out the extra time in production. The process here is faster compared to designing the progressive tooling somewhere else. If there are some minor problems in the tools and dies, these can be sorted out within a very short time because the designers will be in the same property. This saves a lot of time, efforts, and costs involved in a project.

Look for the expertise level

Progressive tool and die makers vary in skill and experience. So you need to make sure that you try to identify their expertise level. How exactly will you do that? Well, one of the best things would be to personally visit the property and identify the kind of work they are doing, the tool room condition, and also the professionals working in this department.

A personal visit to the company will go a long way in identifying what you can expect from them when you hand over your project to them. As you visit the property, try and generate conversations with the engineers on the field working in these departments. The way they work and answer your questions will give you a good idea about their expertise. You need to spend enough time on research to identify whether the progressive tool and die makers are really good fit for you. The time that you spend in identifying the right professionals will ensure that you get hassle free services in the later stages.

Eigen has the best progressive tool design capabilities

Eigen takes pleasure in providing the most efficient services to clients. Client satisfaction is at the top priority list in any project. As a result, the progressive tool and die making processes are done after analyzing client needs and specific requirements. This helps to design custom tools that will help to achieve great cost savings and provide more quantity in shorter timeframe as well.

The in-house tool room is full of accomplishments from the last 20 years. The experienced designers and engineers working here have come up with some really great progressive tooling designs in the last few years.

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