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Top Tips When It Comes to Trailers

There are so many different trailers available to rent that it’s sometimes difficult to know which one to pick. Whatever your trailer hire needs, there is a solution for you. Trailer rental options include box trailers, cage trailers, tip trailers, furniture moving trailers, motor bike trailers, car trailers and plant trailers.

These top tips will help you find the perfect trailer and operate it safely.

Find the Perfect Trailer Solution

Trailers are a great tool for moving around extra equipment. Whether you’re a painter, a builder or have a garden service, a trailer would be beneficial to your business.

When carrying very heavy materials, a flip axle trailer would be your best bet. A flatbed box trailer is ideal for moving storge boxes. Hiring a tipping trailer allows you to dump your load wherever the client needs it. The tipping function makes it a lot safer to unload than having to unload by hand.

The type of trailer you decide to hire will depend on the job you need to do.

Hiring Verses buying

Trailer rental is much more cost effective than buying one. Rental options for heavy duty tradesman trailer include monthly, weekly and daily hire depending on your needs. When you purchase a trailer outright, you become responsible for any maintenance or repairs it might need.

When you hire a trailer from a reputable company you don’t need to worry if it’s road worthy or the registration is up to date. If anything goes wrong with the trailer you can simply return it to the company and they will replace it for you.

The main decision between hiring or buying two car haulers for sale will ultimately depend on how often you need it and the wear and tear it will be exposed to.

Advantages of hiring a trailer include:

  • Stay on trend: By hiring a trailer you will have access to the newest additions and be able to try all the latest trailers on the market and test out its features at a fraction of the price it would normally cost. If you decide it’s not for you, simply return it and try another model.
  • No need to stress: Hiring a trailer comes with peace of mind. There is no need to worry about maintenance should the trailer run into problems. Simply call the rental agent and they will sort out the problem for you.
  • Expert advice: If you don’t know much about trailers an expert can point you in the right direction and let you know which type of trailer would best suit your requirements.

Top Tips for Driving with a Trailer

If you have never driven a trailer before it’s important you practice driving it on a quiet road before heading into traffic.

Driving with a trailer is different compared to driving a car. Below are some top tips to have you driving like a pro.

  • Give yourself enough room: Having a trailer attached means you’re taking a lot more space on the road than you normally do. Leave multiple car lengths between you and the next vehicle. A vehicle towing a trailer will take a lot longer to stop due to the velocity of the trailers weight.
  • Make wider turns: The longer length of your vehicle means you need to make wider and slower turns. If you turn sharply you may hit the pavement, or the trailer will jack-knife.
  • Don’t ride the breaks: Keep a slow steady pace. Don’t hit the brakes or accelerate too quickly. When you stop make sure you slow right down and give yourself time to come to a gradual stop.
  • Bring a friend: The safest way to tow a trailer is to have eyes on it at all times. This can be a difficult task if you’re driving, so it’s recommended you bring someone along who can watch the trailer. If you don’t have that option, make sure to check on the trailer safely by looking in the side and rear-view mirrors as often as possible.
  • Monitor your clearance: When towing a tall trailer, it’s important to measure the height of the trailer and make sure it can pass under any bridges you may be traveling on. Keep a look out for low hanging branches and low hanging signs which could pose a hazard.

Safety Checks Before You Set Off

Before you attach the trailer to your vehicle you need to think about tyre safety. Check the trailer’s tyres for any punctures and ensure they are the correct pressure. Don’t forget the spare tyre. Make sure there is one available if you need it.

Check the breaks on both the trailer and your vehicle. Give it a once over to ensure there is no problem with the suspension. Lastly don’t forget to check the lights by testing them on the trailer. This includes indicators and break lights. Look for any faulty connections or corrosion.

Whether you’re hiring a trailer or purchasing one, these top tips will help you get the most out of your trailer and help you get to your destination safely.

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