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Protect your Trucking Business with CamEye

The trucking industry has long been plagued due to the inaccuracy in timely tracking and reporting of the trucks in transit. Perhaps this is the reason why many conventional truck businesses fall apart. However, the gap is now closing fast with the GPS enabled vehicle tracking devices, precisely, with the revolution of the Internet of Things and advent of Cloud software and database platforms. The best part is that the transport companies are widely adopting this technology for their trucks plying on the road.


Lately, the pioneer in RO water purifiers KENT has launched KENT CamEye, a dash-cam-cum-GPS tracking device, ensuring 100% security to the vehicle. This device deployed in the trucks keeps track of everything happening inside and outside the vehicle through Cloud-based data management, either in the form of time-lapse video, or the analytical data of the trip. Further, it triggers various alerts and offers analytical tools to consolidate, clarify and deliver a raft of accurate, real-time information.

KENT CamEye has been designed keeping in mind the rigors of transport operations. Truck owners can leverage this device into their business to be more proactive. They can make better, faster decisions to squeeze more usage and revenue out of the truck on duty.

This dash cam cum GPS tracking device has been integrated with dual cameras together with the GPS technology that allows the owners to stay in touch with their trucks on the way to the client’s address. KENT CamEye possesses features like time-lapse video recording (for both the inside and outside view), real-time location tracking, live video streaming, alerts for the breach of basic driving conduct and much more.

Now the question arises, how these features give ground to boost the business in the trucking industry. Keep a tab on the driver with regular monitoring.

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The drivers are the backbone of the trucking industry. They not only drive the truck from one place to another but they also have to save the owner’s truck even from a minor scratch. Therefore, the monitoring of drivers become important as it can help the business owners to check the credibility of drivers.

With KENT CamEye the truck owners can keep a track of the speed of drivers, to ensure whether they drive within a safe speed limit or over-speed. Leaving the engine on in parked condition is one of the common habits among truck drivers. This can be checked with the engine idle alert in this device. The best part is that these alerts are customisable. The owners can accordingly ask the drivers to stop such a risky and fuel-wasting action in the truck.

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Don’t let your market reputation go down

Building a good market reputation is equally important in enhancing the trucking business. The more the delivery of best services, the more profit in turn, will the business earn. It all depends on the safe and on-time delivery of goods and services. However, the problem is that truck drivers rarely take responsibility and might delay the delivery of the consignment.

Here, KENT CamEye would help in keeping the trucks on the road, aligned. Owners can keep a watch over the trucks on the way through real-time location tracking. They can see the movement of trucks and can prevent the intentional or unintentional de-touring through geo-fencing provision. Get notifications when the truck starts and stops at any point.

When the driver fails to deliver the consignment on committed time, they give excuses like the hindrances they faced on the road. At that moment, the owner has to rely on those pretexts as there is no other way available to bring out the truth. However, one should not forget that in this era of technology, there’s always a solution to meet these problems.

KENT CamEye is a technological advancement that provides the insight of every trip a car undertakes. The owners can watch the recorded time-lapse video of both the inside and outside view to understand the actual scenarios.

Long story short, using KENT CamEye in the trucking industry could be a smart move to fetch the much-needed profit.

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