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10 Tips To Make Your Smartphone Work Faster

We’ve all been through that excitement of buying a new smartphone and feeling that it’s the best phone in the world, running smooth and lightning-fast. But that excitement is slowly replaced by disappointment as lag starts to become evident. Don’t panic just yet because there are some things you can do to speed up your smartphone.

Update software

Software updates are not developed just for the fun of it; they often fix bugs and make improvements that can help your smartphone run smoother. In case you’re not sure if your phone is up to date or not, you can check that in Settings – Software updates.

The same applies for apps installed on your smartphone since an app can be slow no matter how well the phone is performing. Make sure apps are updated as well.

Keep a tidy home screen

Many believe this is just a myth, however, keeping a clean home screen can really improve the overall performance of your smartphone. Steering clear of widgets and other live wallpapers is also a good idea.

Don’t store useless apps

Even though you may think that an app that is not being used can’t do any harm, there are cases in which an app eats from the phone’s resources even if it’s not active. Check your installed apps and get rid of anything you don’t use on a regular basis.

Keep animations to a minimum

It might sound like a harsh measure since that’s why you bought a smartphone in the first place, for flashy graphics and features. But when you feel that lag is really becoming a problem, you can disable most of the animations to keep your phone running smoothly.

Clear cache

Cache data helps apps load quicker, however, it can sometimes build up and take a lot of space causing your phone to run slower. There are also several tools you can use that can be programmed to perform this action repeatedly.

Turn off auto-sync

You can’t go through life in 2017 without having tonnes of different accounts all over the place. Syncing all those accounts takes a great toll on performance and battery life, that’s why it might be a good idea to keep it turned off.

Use a launcher

Even though it is believed that launchers slow down your phone, there are some programs that actually do a better job than an outdated OS. If you know how to tweak it, it might make your phone feel smoother.

Try a factory reset

This is a bit harsh indeed due to the fact that you lose all your files and settings, however, starting fresh with a factory reset gives you that all-new feeling all over again. You can perform the reset from Settings – Backup & reset.

Go for a custom ROM

It requires some technical skills, however, installing a custom ROM can really improve the performance of your smartphone. Just make sure you respect all the precautions since you can brick your device if you do something wrong.


Using dedicated apps you can root your smartphone and after that, you can overclock it. This also involves risks as those speed limitations are set with a purpose and you can end up frying your phone.

In case you don’t want to buy a new, more expensive phone in order for it to run faster, these are the tips and tricks we had for improving speed. Feel free to try them and unleash all the power your smartphone has.

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