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How is Digital Transformation Shaping Customer Experience

In recent days, there has been an increasing push toward the digital transformation of businesses. It has forced companies to forgo traditional business models and develop effective strategies aimed at increasing customer satisfaction levels. But, what exactly is digital transformation?

With the increasing rate of technological enhancements, it has become increasingly easy for businesses to undergo a digital transformation process and build an effective following for themselves. It not only enhances customer experience, but helps businesses in building authenticity for themselves among their pre-existing or new customers.

Digital Transformation: Prelude

Digital transformation is the culmination of technology with existing business practices that fundamentally alters how the business operates and the value that they deliver to their customers. It enables businesses to improve their business technologies to provide customers with a consistent experience, every time.

With technology improving at a rapid pace, businesses are increasingly building their digital transformation strategy. Nearly half of the businesses that deployed a digital transformation strategy said that improved customer satisfaction and experience is what drove their decision to undergo a digital transformation.

However, it is not companies that are driving this change. Rather it is the consumers. Today, customers expect information whenever they want, in a format they prefer. Businesses overlooking a digital transformation strategy stand to lose market share to businesses that have already adopted a digital transformation strategy.

The cloud technology is playing a crucial role in digital transformation. With the ability to run computations remotely, the cloud technology has enabled businesses to take their entire IT operations on the cloud and ensure seamless business operations spread safely on a cloud network. Businesses opting for cloud-based technologies reported a significant jump in revenue and customer satisfaction levels.

Cloud technology is made possible by a robust IT infrastructure and it is equally important to affect a well-established system in place. In this post, we will be analyzing why is digital transformation essential and the benefits that entail from taking a business entirely online.

Why Is Digital Transformation Essential?

A report from IDC concluded that 2/3rd‘s of CEO’s from 2,000 companies globally stated that they will shift their business strategies from traditional offline strategies to advanced digital practices to improve customer experience. The total global spending in digital transformation was poised to be $1 trillion and is forecasted to rise to $2 trillion by 2022.

A digital marketing agency in India providing professional digital marketing services is leading the battle on the digital advertisement front. Businesses are increasingly opting for a digital advertisement means to enhance their business prospects and reach a larger audience.

In a report titled, State of Digital Business Report, it was revealed that 47% of businesses haven’t started their digital transformation journey as of yet and 59% of the companies believe it’s too late for them to start a digital transformation for their venture.

Today, customers are becoming digitally conscious and technology has drastically altered their habits. Mobile devices, automation, IoT, and a host of other technologies have ushered in an era of instant gratification and this has given birth to a new breed of buyers or consumers.

Businesses are also leaning towards digital marketing. They are leveraging the services of any Digital Marketing Agency in India that provides professional Digital Marketing services to effectively enhance their business reach and propagate advertisement using online means only.

Moreover, with the rising technology penetration, there has been a massive shift in customer expectations and they have become increasingly aware of the possibilities that technology can bring forward. To accommodate this new variety of buyers, businesses need to become digitally savvy and evolve with technology.

How To Begin Digital Transformation?

Aside from the essential digital transformation, businesses can leverage the services provided by a Digital Marketing Agency in India that provides professional Digital Marketing services to establish their digital presence and ensure their digital success. Now, here are a few ways that can allow businesses to undergo their digital transformation.

  • A Digitally Savvy Environment: With the latest developments such as cloud and advanced query languages in existence today, it is crucial that you deploy a digitally savvy IT environment in your business.  Moreover, 86% of businesses believe that cloud technology can prove to be a major milestone in digitally transforming any business. Factors such as big data analytics, mobile apps, and consumer-specific data. Additionally, a digital marketing agency in India can handle the IT framework of digital advertisement means. This can help businesses in getting consumer insights regarding why they do their business with you.
  • A Personalised User Experience: If a venture needs to enhance their business prospects, they need to stay updated regarding their buyer’s preferences. A report published by Accenture stated that 75% of customers are more likely to purchase from a business that understands their preferences, has their purchase history, and recommends products based on their past purchases. A CRM system can help companies in understanding their customers’ expectations and providing a personalized experience to individual users. A professional digital marketing services provider can deliver targeted ads to customers and effectively enhances their conversion rate.
  • An Impactful Multi-Channel Experience: Technology has made businesses more approachable and helped customers in getting what they want when they want. More than 50% of digitally savvy customers expect a customer service reply within an hour. This need for instant gratification by customers has forced businesses to stay accessible 24x7x365. Today, customers are not bound by a single channel and use a host of channels to look for their products. It is essential that businesses tie up all channels and provide a consistent user experience.
  • Seamless User Transition: A digital transformation strategy enables businesses to ensure a seamless transition of customers from a competitor to their own business. This is entirely made possible by a proper digital transformation strategy. If users find the process of transitioning simple, they are more likely to shift their preferred provider and this ultimately benefits the business with a proper digital transformation strategy.

Digital transformation is already impacting millions of companies worldwide and companies are looking to adopt new and meticulous technologies that can enhance their business prospects. In a fast-moving consumer-oriented atmosphere, businesses need every bit of leverage that they can get to one-up their competitors and engage the modern buyer.

Digital transformation just gives them this opportunity and helps them in acquiring new customers seamlessly. It can go a long way in fulfilling the digital experience of customers and facilitates a single channel for customer interaction.

A Digital Marketing Agency in India proving professional Digital Marketing services can help businesses in ensuring that they have an effective digital strategy. These can help businesses in establishing their digital presence and reaching the customer using online means.


Digital transformation is paving the way forward for enabling modern businesses in connecting with their customers. Moreover, businesses can leverage the potential of a Digital Marketing Agency in India providing professional Digital Marketing services that can help businesses in getting their name out there and helping them in ensuring digital success. Customers are increasingly turning digitally savvy and it’s only a matter of time when the importance of digital transformation is understood by each and every business venture.

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