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BlackBerry to Discontinue its Classic Keyboard Model


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Once the glory now the past! BlackBerry has bid farewell to its signature keyboard handset. BlackBerry COO Ralph Pini has confirmed that the company would stop the production of its Blackberry Classic smartphone line.

According to the reports, company is looking forward to launch its line of Android operated smartphone for various price ranges.

BlackBerry devices have been struggling in the market dominated by iPhone. According to Ralph Pini, Classic may seem the dated thing in today’s market. In his words, “The Classic has long surpassed the average lifespan for a smartphone in today’s market. We are ready for this change so we can give our customers something better,”

Before that fall, BlackBerry had its own market and amazed the world with unique features, which were exclusive then. And BlackBerry Classic was one of the golden chapters of its dominance in mobile market.

BlackBerry Classic was launched in 2014 which was hyped as the return of the classic. It was larger than Q10 and performed better than the prior Blackberry models, thereby earning kudos. However, resounding success of Android phone and iPhone have outpaced BlackBerry Classic. This forced BlackBerry to discontinue many of its products. Now, BlackBerry Classic met the same fate!

As Ralph Pini says, “Sometimes it can be very tough to let go,”

Now, BlackBerry’s market share has reduced to less than 1% in smartphone today, which was once over 50%. With these two polarized figures, one can easily understand that being obstinate and innovative can cost badly, in this ever changing world. Same goes with its hey days’ arch rival, Nokia.

But it is a surprising move by BlackBerry to go away from its recognition—a QWERTY keyboard set. There is still a market left for QWERTY sets, for example, Samsung manufactures keyboard case for its S7 brand. However, the company is continued with the Passport and Priv models which come with keyboard and slide-out keyboard respectively.

Before BlackBerry Classic, BlackBerry has ceased the production of its popular models. BlackBerry has come up with the strong strategies to have a strong hold in this market dominated by iPhone and Android.


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