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How Many Types of Plumbers?

When we talk about various systems that run in every household, plumbing is one of those systems that is often discussed about. It is one of those crucial systems that contribute to providing us comfortable living and convenience. The person who performs all the services and fitting works related to water supply, sanitation, heating systems and water pipes is known as a plumber. We all are quite familiar with this general term “plumber” because everyone has called him at some point of time when faced with clogged drains, leaking sinks, broken pipes, or any other similar issue.

Plumber is a very general term, and it does not help us differentiate between different types of plumbers. Usually, we think there is only one type of plumber who is able to solve all types of plumbing issues; but this is not true at all. Each plumbing task requires different skill set and different level of expertise. In simple words, a plumber who is very efficient in opening drains might not be good enough to work on your water heating systems. This brings us to the point that there are different types of plumbers and we should know what type of service we require so that we call in the relevant plumber.

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So, let’s discuss what are the different types of plumber that we are not aware of

Based on the job scale, plumbers are categorized into three major types

1. Commercial Plumbers

These plumbers are skilled and trained to work in large commercial settings, be it public or industrial settings such as schools, hospitals, malls, factories, and industrial units. They are responsible for installation, repair and fitting works of water pipes, tanks, and all other types of sanitation work in commercial buildings. These are highly efficient and expert than casual plumbers as they have to deal with a greater number of complicated pipes every day. They also have to look after more sinks, toilets and complex piping system that runs between so many floors. They also have to keep a check on waste removal procedures and installation of water systems in large buildings.

2. Residential Plumbers

These are the plumbers you call in when you face any plumbing issue at home. Your local plumber is trained and skilled to work in residential settings, in new construction sites, or in-home renovations. They mostly work under a senior plumber to gain practical experience and acquire the required skills. They are mainly responsible for installation, repair and service of water pipes, toilets, sinks and water systems in residential flats and houses.

3. Service and Repair Plumbers

These are specialized plumbers such as Mason Ohio Plumbing Services that are hired only for service and repair issues in both commercial and residential settings. They have received special training to fix all types of plumbing issues such as leakages, reduced pressure, clogging and servicing.

Based on the type of job, plumbers can be categorized into two types

1. Water Supply Plumbers

These plumbers are mostly involved in installation and repair of all types of water tanks such as kitchen tanks and sinks, bathroom tanks, pipes, and terrace storage tanks. They also rectify faulty fitting works in sanitation systems and piping and connect the pipes to their relevant tanks and outlets. Sometimes they also unclog kitchen and sanitary drains.

2. Sanitary Plumbers

These are the most commonly hired plumbers. They do everything related to sanitary work, pipes, and plumbing systems such as installing bathtub, its removal and maintenance. They clean and unblock sanitary log jams to install bathroom and toilet pipes. They also fit suspended drains, boilers, water heating systems in showers and toilets. Apart from the above-mentioned Plumbers according to job scale and type of jobs, there is another category that fall under Specialty Plumbing.

3. Specialty Plumbing

There are some Plumbers who specialize in installation of natural gas lines and gas appliances. They are generally known as Gas Fitters, which means Plumbers who install, maintain and repair inconsistencies in fire suppressions and sprinkler systems, both in residences and large commercial setups.

So, now you know all types of plumbers and what is their field of expertise. Next time, whenever you need to call a plumber, first determine what type of service you require and then call in the respective plumber to solve the issue. A relevant plumber will solve the issue with expertise and in less time.


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