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Making a Google Review Link – Why Create a Review link?

A Google Review link lets you easily collect reviews. Customers just click your link to leave feedback.

This makes review collection simple. More reviews improve your rating, reputation and rankings. Let’s find out How to Create a Google Review Link – Learn with Podium?

How to Make a Link

Follow these steps to create a Google Review link:

1. Find your business profile

– Search your business name on Google Maps on a computer. 

– Click your profile when it appears in local results.

2. Open the Review Link Page

– On your profile, click “Reviews” in the left menu.

– Click “Embed review box” at the top.

3. Copy the Review Link

– Here you will see your unique review page URL. 

– Click “Copy” to save this link.

Tip: Shorten the link using Bitly or another tool. This makes it easier to share.

4. Customize the Link 

You can add UTM parameters to track clicks:

– After your profile link, add “?gcid=”

– Create a campaign ID, like “ReviewRequest” 

– The final link would be:

This lets you see how many people click from a specific page.

Where to Place the Link

Include your review link:

– In post-purchase emails

– On thank you or receipt pages

– In paper receipts 

– In SMS messages

– On your website

– In your email signature

– On social media bios 

Put it anywhere customers might see it after interacting with your business.

Tips For an Effective Link

Follow these tips:

– Keep link text short like “Leave a Google Review”

– Place it prominently on mobile pages

– Test different placements to see what drives the most clicks

– Change the link occasionally so it doesn’t expire

– Thank customers who leave reviews

Example Review Link Requests

Here are some polite review link messages:

“Please take a minute to share your experience by using this Google Review link: [Insert Shortened Link]”

“Help future customers by leaving a review through this link: [Insert Shortened Link]”

“Was our service 5-star worthy? Let us know by using this Google Review link: [Insert Shortened Link]”

Explain that reviews help other customers find your business.

Responding to Reviews

Always reply professionally when receiving reviews:

– Thank positive reviewers for taking the time.

– Apologize for negative experiences and offer to make it right.

– Take action to resolve issues mentioned in bad reviews.

– Report truly abusive or irrelevant reviews for removal. 

Show customers their feedback is valued, even if it is negative. 

Getting More Reviews

Here are additional ways to get more Google reviews:

– Train staff to request reviews from happy customers

– Follow up by email after positive interactions

– Offer an incentive like a discount code for reviews 

– Run review contests between staff members

– Monitor and respond to reviews daily

– Share great reviews on social media

Why Reviews are Important

Google reviews influence:

– Your reputation – Reviews shape first impressions of your brand

– Customer acquisition – Positive ratings make people more likely to choose you

– Search placement – High rating improves visibility on Google

– Loyalty and engagement – Reviews show customers you listen and care


– Create a Google Review link to easily collect feedback

– Place the link wherever customers access after interacting with you

– Use short, clear text like “Leave a Review” 

– Respond professionally to all reviews 

– Get more reviews by training staff and offering incentives

Put effort into managing and collecting reviews. This drives engagement and growth

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