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What makes Retro-Nostalgia Marketing so popular among the Millennial Crowd?

The late 60’s were a period of sheer excess. The word was awash with money and the cars were built with an artist eye and elbow grease. Moetown was the heart of the Music along and Muscle cars. Detroit was the wealthiest city in the US. If any place had to be used as a reference as to what the 60’s and 70’s were all about, Detroit and Venezuela pretty much took the homerun.

Now however, things are vastly different. If “Excess” was the keyword to the 60’s, now its “Efficiency” or “Frugal”. Things now are built to be intuitive rather than to express creativity and I think that a real shame that we can’t get back some of that flair from the old days back anymore with modern equipment.

Or Can you?

You see, while technology has gotten exponentially efficient as compared to those days, but at the same time, it has also gotten very quirky. Take a simple gadget like the MP3 player, today it is no longer a separate component and is integrated into phones, car infotainment systems and so on. You can even find it in relatively affordable home entertainment systems or portable speakers. Its pretty much the same deal with Radio’s, you simply don’t get separate radios anymore. But what you can get is a combination of the all of the above in the form of a Media hub, which can be in the form of an IoT Device, a portable Bluetooth speaker or even a Gigantic AIO Party Speaker. All the while embodying whatever aesthetic we like it to be, including Retro Looking TableTop Radios.

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Today’s designs can combine modern tech along with retro styling to get you a really

What’s the appeal of retro themes with the Millennial Youth?

Let’s get one thing right out of the start, what Millennials generally refer to as Nostalgia, is in-fact fauxstalgia (the admiration of a time in the past, even though they haven’t lived in it).

Why is this important?

Today’s “Generation Y & Z” are much more engaged in fields that the previous “Generation X” didn’t have to deal with. They are, much busier, much more self obsessed and more innovative than any of the preceding generations. As a result, of this hectic onslaught, studies show that our generation is much more depressed and yearn for a sense of belongingness and friendship. There are significantly more deep rooted issues attributing to their depression but that’s not the point of this article.


This sense of yearning for belongingness is what makes Nostalgia Marketing so appealing to the Millennials. Studies show that nostalgia related events or items invoke positive feelings into the millennial crowd and it has also proved to counter depression. It invokes emotions in a person which make them feel a sense of self-fulfillment, which has been shown to reduce depression, become more empathetic towards others and reduce Anxiety. In other words, counteracting all the negative feelings and emotions of the current generation with a single arrow.

How does marketing come into play?

The Modern Youth view the retro aesthetic as a symbol of freedom, Joy and trust. Since nostalgia marketing invokes these positive emotions into the modern crowd, it is a seriously big way for brands gain market share if they know what they are doing. Brands often try to cash in on this this fact by trying to launch products aimed at Modern Youths with retro themes. Which is why you’ll see brands re-launching classic products with a modern makeover. A good example of this would be the Piaggio Vespa, which is a scooter made with quirky retro looks but with modern engines and better components.

Tapping into the Cool Factor

Another theory theory suggests that Nostalgia is an appreciation of the past through modern devices. Which is why you’ll see older devices like the newly relaunched Nokia 3310 still selling as a novelty item in the shelves of your local tech shop. The mere fact that it is a cool looking device, harking back to the Nokia that people used to love is enough to invoke feelings of love and appreciation for the device.

Perhaps the bigger reason why vintage aesthetics work is because its bold colour palette. If we can consider that our current colour palette has been ruined by the bland “Apple-Esque” colors that everyone is so used to, you can see just how new or vintage colors break the monotony. Just by using bold or pastel colour palettes, that was used used in the old days, can bring back life to products that would otherwise go potentially overlooked.

Colors signify a great deal to any individual and when it comes to expressing oneself. Vintage colors are much more energetic, lively and bold than the bland colors that we are used to now. Yes they are risky and overdoing it could potentially deteriorate the aesthetics and make it look worse than the product that its based on. But despite everything, the loud colors are what kind of gives any individual personality and potentially give them a cool unique expression.

Wrapping UP

Nostalgia marketing isn’t going away anytime soon. If anything it is spreading like wildfire among the newer generations and its not difficult to see why. It has a way of expression that other forms of marketing lack and for the people that really are from the older generation, this serves as a reminder of the good old days and how simple life used to be. So yeah, Retro vibes all the way.

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