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How to Drive Traffic from Twitter

Twitter has become another successful platform for connecting with your customers across the world. People tweet about their lives, share images, generate and post content for their website and etc. Twitter has become popular among marketers due to its large number of users which is approximately more than 3 million. As a successful marketer, you can draft proper twitter strategies in order to drive more traffic, considering the opportunity of buying followers on Twitter to create a more reliable, attractive, and trustworthy image.

This article is going to describe few key elements which can help to get traffic from Twitter:

  • Make Short Tweets

The content of your tweet is very important and it should not be boring. It is your job to create compelling and unique tweet that grabs the attention of viewers. Short, crisp and creative tweets always get noticed by the people. I believe this is one of the best ways to retain your customers without distracting them.

  • Use Hash Tags

Content related has tags are very effective in spreading your tweets on different topics. If you have generated a content or specific post for your website, create your own hash tags which should be specific. You can write a new hash tag related to your post to get connected with the readers.

  • Pin Your Tweet

If you want to grab attention of readers to the specific tweet, pin it on the twitter page. This pinned tweet will always appear on the top of your news feed so will be able to hold the attention by driving more traffic to it.

  • Use Images

Relevant and appealing images play an important role in getting the attention as visual presentation attracts more than simple text. You should use images with the tweet or post that you are sharing by making sure that it relates to your post. There is also a trend of using visual call to action buttons to generate immediate response.

  • Use Videos

Statistics show that video content is the best performing content type across all social networking platforms. Twitter gets around 1 billion videos views per day, and recent studies show that Tweets with videos get ten times the engagement rate of Tweets without video. Make sure to include videos in your content creation strategy. If users want to download them, they can use the Twitter video downloader by twoffline to accomplish this.

  • Ask Others To Share Your Content

You can earn your visitor’s trust by allowing them to share your content. For this you must write a tweet which is extraordinary and impress in a first glimpse. Ask people to share your content, tweets and images to their own sites. In the end you must keep a record of how much content has been shared and how it has affected on your traffic.

  • Repeat Tweets

This might sounds crazy about repeating tweets as there is a trend to tweet fresh content. However, it is important to recycle your tweet in order to get more traffic by getting your content notified again. This repetition will enable those who had not read it in the first post and of course there will be many people who had missed it out. By doing this, you can increase readability and can put emphasize in your content.

  • Don’t Forget the Trends

Being updated with the current moving trends in the world and social media can leverage your business. You should not restrict your tweets to the specific content related to your website or industry, you must share something general which is happening around the world so that your audience can get the impression that you are equipped with and updated with current affairs of the world.

  • Engage Audience

This is very important to engage your visitors by communicating with them. You can encourage conversation from people by allowing them to ask queries about their concerns. You can make your tweet responsive by placing the material or content that can kick start the conversation, for example, you may put a question in the tweet so your audience can answer it in their own best way.

Well, after reading this useful thing are you ready to tweet that drives more traffic? Of course you can’t do it overnight, but yes, consistency in efforts can make your work easy and result oriented. Keep following the tips that I have mentioned plus get more knowledge about it from the people you know who can help it out.

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