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SQLBAK: the magical SQL Server backup AI

SQL is the abbreviation of Syntax Query Language.  Wait, why am I telling you this? The reason is,  by the end of this article you’ll learn how to backup your SQL servers, “without doing anything” (yeah, literally magic!) using SQLBak, and why you need it in the first place!

If you’re on this piece I assume you already know what SQL is and what SQL backups are! What you might not know is how to back them up, right?

Well let me humor you, SQL backups are the backups of your SQL databases. Now SQL databases are where your website data are stored. Important information like Login Information and other strings are quite often stored on a SQL database. So I don’t need to tell you that you can’t afford to loose your SQL databases, right?

And that you can make sure, by having a latest backup of the database. But the problem is, SQL isn’t as simple. I mean it looks complicated hence you might get confused while backing it up.

That’s where this program I’m talking about comes in. SQLBak backs up your server, almost with magic. Well meaning you don’t have to do anything on the server yourselves. Everything is automated. Yeah let me explain that better.

What SQLBak is, and How it Works

In the simplest possible English, I can explain it as the program which will backup your SQL server, upload it on your preferred location, and notify you about it.

Seen the movie Iron man? How everything’s automated and Tony doesn’t need to “manually” do anything? It’s something similar. Here’s how it works:-


See? That illustration literally explains everything that there is to explain about SQLBak. Now let me introduce you to it’s magical charms:-

  • Automated :- This is like the summary of all the features I’ll describe below, but yeah in one word, I’d say it’s automated. It automatically initiates a backup, saves it somewhere you prefer, and mails you about it.
  • Automatic Uploads Backups:- Yeah you don’t need to download the backups manually as I said. It has the power to automatically upload and save your backup on Google Drive/ Amazon S3, or even an external hard drive network!
  • Schedule backups:- You don’t need to even initiate the backups! You just tell it when a backup is required, on what time and which date, and it will automatically initiate the backup every week at that specific time.
  • Anywhere Access:- You can access your SQLBak control panel from almost any browser, and device! So you don’t have to have a high-performance computer in order to do that. Got an android device, right? Yeah that’s all you need!
  • Frequent Monitoring:- SQLBak constantly monitors your SQL server to let you know if the server is alive or not! If it sense even an iota of possibility of the server going down, it lets you know about it immediately.
  • HTTPS Connection:- If you’re worried about your server security, you don’t need to be! The connection between your server and SqlBak happens over a secured socket layer, (SSL) connection and hence it’s totally secure from malicious minds and hands.
  • Restorations:- Just the backup isn’t enough, is it? So well SQLBak’s super power also let’s you restore the backups to their original states.
  • Easy Installation:- Most other similar programs out there ask for complicated permissions and uploads on the server in order to function properly. Guess what, all you need to do with SQLBak is upload one tiny SQLBak client to your server, and everything starts happening automatically.

Final Words

Here’s the point, I trusted SQLBak from the moment I installed it on my servers. The smoothness, the ease of user interface and everything reflected their professionalism.

But only later I came to know that I wasn’t the only one with SQLBak’s super-powers, over 1500 other brands have put their trust in SQLBak too! So yeah that was an additional confirmation for me that I’m with the right people.

The primary reason why I’m writing this review is, this is one of the rarest programmers in the industry which “automates” every step of the process! You just have to install it once, and then forget about it. Everything from the backups to uploading them somewhere is automated and that’s just magical.

So yeah I’d say do give it a try, you can get a demo right here. Yeah free of COST!

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