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Popularity of LEO Privacy Guard


Leomaster is an internet service provider that links users around the world to enhanced mobile online surfing. Kevin Zhang founded the company in 2014 and it currently operates in San Francisco, Shenzhen, Beijing, Honk Kong and India. The name LEO comes from a phrase (Link Everything Online). The company’s flagship product is LEO Privacy Guard. Leomaster seeks to compete with big internet products such as Baidu Mobile Security, 360 Mobile Safe. The founder sought to tap into the booming mobile internet industry before it gets crowded.

Target market

LEO targets emerging markets such as Pakistan and India rather than the local Chinese market. The reason for this move is the huge growth potential of those markets. For instance, India is expected to add more than 300 million internet users by 2018 to make up more than 500 million internet users in the country.

LEO Privacy Guard

LEO Privacy Guard, which was introduced in November 2014, is an application management tool which enables users lock photos, videos, SMS, call log and apps. Sometime in April 2015, Leomaster introduced the LEO Privacy Guard 2.0. The app can uninstall useless apps in addition to backing up the important ones in order to save on space and also to prevent the accidental deletion of important apps. The app also prepares a variety of designed themes for one’s lock screen to aid users to continue playing their favorite games. Leomaster’s application management tool monitors the battery and data usage in order to curb the unnecessary usage of battery life and data. The app can be downloaded from google play or from Leomaster’s website.

Features of LEO privacy Guard

LEO Privacy Guard works on incremental protection levels in order to enhance user usage. On a user’s screen, there are three tabs- privacy protection, app lock and settings tabs. Under each tab a user can see the features and the status. For instance, the privacy protection tab allows a user to view the current protection level. The user can also toggle privacy control for messages, videos, photos and call records. Upon establishing the privacy protection level, LEO privacy Guard categorizes and displays the protection level as dangerous, vigilant, normal, Good and perfect in that order. The guard offers some recommendations on the proper privacy level.

LEO Privacy Guard has gained massive popularity over a short period. In March 2015, its 2.0 version ranked eighth in India tool list and the first in Indonesia’s tool lists. It has gained popularity in North East Asia, North Asia, in the Middle East as well as other markets around the world.

Other products

Leomaster has other products such as the LEO-Webcore Browser Kernel which is a link-kernel based development technology that has a compilation speed boosted by approximately 30%. Leomaster also offers the LEO-AirLink multi-connectional Wireless Transmission. This is a platform that combines Wi-Fi and Bluetooth solutions to achieve increments in transmission speeds by up to 65%. The third product is the LEO-Decoder multimedia parsing. This product is an FFmpeg hosting platform that optimizes solutions to achieve a decoding speed of up to 50%.

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