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Worrying Your Children’s Safety? Try the Parental Control App!

Child safety is one is of the serious problem for parents these days. According to missingpeople, one child goes missing every 3 minutes in Great Britain. That’s the data of a developed nation like Great Britain, in many developing nations of the world the number of missing children is even high. Children can simply lose her or his way or can be kidnapped. That’s why proper parental control is very much required these days.

In this digital world, parents can easily track their child activities and location through a mobile app. Nowadays, all smartphones offer Internet connection and GPS features to track location and activities. In order to do this in a proper manner, people need a special mobile app that will offer them with specific features in order to monitor and control. And in this blog, I will show you how to arrange custom mobile app development for child safety and solve a serious social problem.

What’s the main goal of parental control mobile app

What does the child safety mobile app represent? In fact, everything is pretty simple. People- nowadays- worry about and take care of their children, husbands, wives, parents, and any other members of their family. So that they feel relaxed when they know that everyone is good, safe and they do not need help at any time period. A special family safety app can help anyone know that there is nothing bad or unforeseen that occurred with their child or any other person.

In addition to this, child safety mobile apps can provide the parents with the capability to control his or her kids’ various activities on the mobile phone. In order to protect them from undesirable or harmful online content and spending a lot of time on web surfing. It can help teach their children to be more hard-working and disciplined.

The definition and aim of such a mobile app are quite clear. If you are a parent, you may think that your child does not need a smartphone since she or he is very young yet. Although, safety and security come first, right? Now let us study in detail all types of parental control mobile apps development and their various benefits.

Challenges solved by any parental control mobile app

As we mentioned above, family safety mobile apps can be divided into two categories – child safety mobile apps and parental control apps. We will pay special attention to each of the categories.

Parental control apps

First, let us check out the characteristics and types of portable operating systems. For instance, if the parents and their children use Android mobile phones, you can start from the Android 4.3 version using cookies with limited access. Parents can also personalize their settings in the child’s smartphone and provide her or him with only access to mobile apps that parents think are reasonable. Apple mobile phone devices provide some similar features. But the capabilities of such custom modes in both of these operating systems are somewhat limited. This is where the parental control mobile app for Android or iOS comes in.

Why is parental control mobile app good?

As a rule of thumb, mobile apps are created to monitor a child’s phone on the basis of the sandbox. Parents can point out installed mobile apps that are suitable for children, and their children can only access these mobile apps. Any personalizable settings are only possible with a password. Access to calls and various other paid services for telecom operators is restricted.

Parental control mobile application allows their parents to create a special cover for their child, and the child cannot leave this shell without any password. This shell will turn on automatically when restarting the device.

In most of the cases, already-ready mobile phone apps contain widely popular websites in their unwanted blacklist of their child. However, as a general rule, there are no advanced filters to adjust these custom settings, in this case, you can order the development of parental control software for Android or iPhone from a custom software development company to make the best and competitive product and a filter.

Some parental control mobile apps cannot work without the internet connection which can be more a drawback than an advantage. Although, the internet connection makes it possible to timely update various blacklists, and most importantly, parents get all the information about their child’s activities in their smartphone via the internet interface on a real-time basis that was impossible in other similar mobile apps.

In addition to this, these apps have one more interesting feature: Parents can set a particular time frames when their children have the right to use some phone features such as browsing the web or games playing. Furthermore, if a smartphone is used by different children, parents can easily create a personal profile for each of them.

Now, the last type of parental control mobile app includes applications that focus on saving money of the parents more than on monitoring children. Parents can set contact lists that a child can send or call SMS. in addition to this, this program allows parents to receive email copies and SMS received and issued from the child’s phone. All the settings are password-protected, and if a young hacker tries to crack its password, parents will get a number of snapshots.

So, this is a complete list of the types of parental control or child safety mobile apps for Android or iOS that you can find in app stores. But, all of these mobile apps have certain limitations, and ideally, parents need to use some kind of mobile apps simultaneously in order to control their child as a single app may not include all of the features that are required by you. In this case, you can consider developing one of your own mobile application that will be created as per your requirements including all the useful features.

Child’s safety apps

Safety mobile applications help family members stay calm and relaxed because they know if their relative is okay. We must explain all types of safety mobile applications that can be useful and attractive to you if you find it necessary to build your own app.

When safety mobile applications are useful

The family locator application that sends notifications about the location of each family member. Therefore, the husband can see full details about his wife’s whereabouts, for instance, where she is now, and where she plans to go. All these data can also be seen by his wife. They set various notices about relatives reaching any specified location or about leaving the location. In most of the cases, parents use this mobile app to find out the location of their children.

Security mobile apps usually include a panic button that the user can push easily, and they’ll send all their GPS coordinates automatically to their relatives/ friends or emergency service via phone calls, SMS, or email;

The family tracking mobile app comprises a timer that will send a signal to the user after a specific time duration that a friend or a family member needs help as they have not reached their destination yet. But before calling the police, users should ensure that the tracked person is in real danger, but not wait in a traffic jam or stay somewhere talking to a friend;

Also, some advanced security mobile apps allow the use of the built-in chat system and the creation of a personal conversation with the family members in order to stay in constant contact;

It may seem that the last type of mobile application is the simplest of the list, as it can only send alarm messages and act as a family safety alert. But it can also be implemented in an easy way- it is crucial to press the power button several times or just to shake the mobile phone. In order to avoid faulty activation, the shaking sensitivity can also be customized in the settings.

Now, we can easily define all kinds of safety apps and describe the problems and challenges that these types of mobile apps can solve. I’m sure it might motivate you to decide exactly what you require and what you want to build. But before the mobile app development process begins, it is crucial to determine what features your custom mobile app will cover in the future.

Some popular features of your safety mobile app

There are various special features that you will need to use to turn the Safety mobile app into reality:


This is the first and crucial feature in a child tracker mobile app. In addition to this, with GPS, parents can set the geolocation feature: they designate a geographical area where their child can move. If she or he crosses this boundary, its mobile application will send a notification to the parents.

Push notifications

It would be even more convenient to create push notifications and popup reports on the mobile device screen of users. Here, the user should have the opportunity to set the vibration signal and sound alarm in order to ensure everything is heard. It’s an indispensable feature of the best family GPS mobile app.


When the users choose websites and mobile apps that their children can use, Child Safety must have an advanced filtering system that helps the users choose the necessary apps and websites by categories or by the degree of potential risk, for instance. Although filters are a necessary feature – they simplify the overall customization process.


This feature will block all the unwanted websites and mobile apps or various other resources that parents do not want their kids to use. Access to the proper blacklist will be protected with the password that they’ll set.


This feature is crucial for both types of family safety programs. In the Parental Control mobile app, it will play a crucial role in predefined timeframes when a child can use the mobile phone to play or browse the web. In a safety mobile app, the timer will be used to estimate the time that it takes to travel from one place to another. If this is broken, family members will get a payment notice.

Panic button

With the help of GPS coordinates, an emergency panic or button will trigger an alarm call, SMS, or email, to inform members that their child/ friend/ relative is unsafe and in need of urgent assistance. Also, it is recommended to set the emergency phone number as the police service number as well.


If users want to receive all information from their children’s smartphones, they must create a synchronization feature to allow users to synchronize all data with their smartphones in a family control application. Thus, they will get all the updated information in their app first.

History of activity

It will be a list of actions that children have taken during the last period. It will help parents sort all activities by time period for the last 24 hours or two days, for example.


This feature is more suitable for safety mobile applications. The chat feature allows users to create their encrypted family account and use this built-in chat system to discuss the latest news and whereabouts of the family.

User profile

All the family members must have their own profiles in order to distinguish between them on the family website or app. Regardless of whether it is parental safety or control app. It should be possible to create profiles for the children to switch between them if required.

Let’s Wrap Up

I hope with the help of this, you get the complete idea of child safety and parental control mobile apps. There are many child safety mobile apps in the market which is being used by millions of families. You can use these apps to safeguard your family and friends. If you want to have your own personalized child safety mobile apps, you can contact an iOS or Android app development company that provides parental control mobile app development services. You can avail of the services of these companies and have your own customized mobile app catering to your needs.

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