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Content Marketing: How to create an impact?

Make an Impact with Your Audience Using Content Marketing

Content marketing is a technique used by businesses to attract and retain a targeted audience by creating and distributing relevant, valuable information on a consistent basis. The purpose of content marketing is to get the attention of current and potential customers, then keep them engaged.

Why is Content Marketing so Important?

The content created focuses on a company’s service or product. The type of technique used to create the content includes blogs, e-books, videos and articles. The way content is distributed is always online. It could be an email, social media post, on the company’s website or via the Internet. The term valuable means it must be important to the target audience.

For example, Tyreright posted information on their website in April 2018 titled, “Should You Buy a Rear-Wheel Drive Car? Here’s What to Expect.” This is a blog post for a targeted audience. The audience is anyone interested in buying a vehicle. In the blog, the writer explains the term rear-wheel drive and how it is different from a traditional vehicle. This content is valuable because it is informing the target audience of something they did not know. One thing about content marketing is that it must inform, educate or help the audience in some way.

Another purpose of content marketing is for a company to place itself as an industry expert in its field. New and existing customers look to companies that make a product to know what they are talking when it comes to what they do. This can be hard when a company is competing against dozens or hundreds of competitors. Marketed content is one way to get noticed by a target audience. The more they read a social media or blog post or infographic, the more they will recognize the company’s brand.

Content Marketing does not Just Happen, it is Planned

Creating and distributing content takes planning and understanding of the goals and outcome of the marketing. It should always appear to an audience that content marketing just happened. Successful content marketing requires a strategy. This is commonly called a content marketing strategy or content strategy.

To increase your visibility, it is essential to have a social media profile of your company. This can enhance your marketing impact by many folds. Customers can get socially connected to know more about your services and get to know what other happy customers has to say.

What is Content Marketing Strategy?

Content strategy is the planning, creating, delivering and managing content. The content includes words and/or images. The goal of this strategy is to have content such as a blog be engaging and meaningful while informing and teaching. In addition, the strategy must be scripted. The company must know what type of content will be distributed and how it will be created. How long they will create and distribute content such as three to four times per week or once a week. The company must also decide life cycle of the content. Content lifecycle is the five stages of content are:

  1. Analysis and audit: You conduct interviews, analyze topics and evaluate the type of content needed.
  2. Strategy: Determine the content production, brand definition and process of obtain content. For example, will you write the content or hire a freelancer.
  3. Plan: This is where you or your staff makes recommendations about the type of content needed. Migration, communications and metadata planning take place.
  4. Create Content: Of course, this is the stage where writing content is necessary. Quality assurance, search engine optimization and asset production are all part of creating content.
  5. Maintain Content: In this stage, you periodically measure the success of the content among the target audience and determine if it was a success.

The Types of Content that Drives Traffic

Blogs are great ways to communicate with your audience. However, it is not the only way to reach a targeted audience. Some content is more effective at attracting and retaining customers than blogs. For example, guides drive in traffic. A guide is detailed, long form content. This is like a mega blog because it goes beyond the scope, style and length of a traditional blog post. You can incorporate graphics and pictures into the longform guide to keep people engaged.

Lists is another type of content that increases traffic to a company’s website. This is a simple list of things according to topic such as top 10 types of content. It is fast to write too. It needs an opening paragraph. A closing paragraph is optional.

How-to is one type of content that drives in the traffic. How-to articles generally explain to the readers how to complete a task such as picking a vehicle, cooking or writing a blog. What makes it great content is people are always trying to solve a problem. They often search the internet for that solution.

When writing a how-to article, always follow the exact model of it will not make sense. Introduce the problem. Explain the solution. Give step-by-step instructions to complete the solution. Summarize the how-to, then write a conclusion.

Content Marketing is a Lifesaver for a Business

Content marketing allows a business to reach potential and existing customers via valuable content. Content such as how-to articles, lists and blogs offer information. However, they also offer an opportunity for your company to become a leader in your industry. Content builds trust between customers and your business.

Content is just a blog post. Your company can choose from many content options. For example, your company can distribute a podcast, which is like a radio program, on your website about the latest technique in your industry.

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