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How ‘Medical Shipment’ Grew from a Two-Man Operation to Making Millions and Expanding Overseas

It is no surprise for anyone that the health industry is one of the world’s largest. According to Deloitte, the global health care spending will reach $8.7 trillion by the year 2020, which is an astounding figure that is less 2 years away from us. And, while this figure can really be astounding, it represents a huge opportunity for several players in the market.

The expansion of the health care business also means that more professionals will be needed, which results in more professionals needing to be trained, and these trainings need appropriate materials. Dan Micic, a young entrepreneur born in Chicago, realized this a few years ago, and that is why he founded Medical Shipment.

This company has its main business in the distribution of medical supplies and equipment to educational institutions, with a specific target on nursing programs. The idea appeared when Micic was on college, has he noticed that the Biology department of his school, Harper College, was having trouble to get equipment, especially gloves. He put his finance and business knowledge to the works and got 80 boxes of gloves to the department.

The rest is history – from an idea that started with Micic and a partner, Medical Shipment has become one of North America’s largest providers of medical supplies to educational institutions. From its start of 80 boxes of surgical gloves, this company is now making millions every year, and has strong plans to expand overseas in a near future.

Dan Micic is the embodiment of what entrepreneurship is all about: a good idea, strong and decisive leadership, as well as market vision and a defined thought on the future. He seized the opportunity on an ever-growing market and bet on one of its many niches, and time has been proving that business qualities of this businessman from Illinois, which have helped him keeping competition at bay.

Here is strong advice from the man himself:

Persistence –  you should not be in business if you do not have tough skin. You have to steer with confidence and prove wrong anyone who stands between you and your dream. It is also critical to multitask. In order to start, run and grow a successful business you have to learn to multitask and keep your head above water.

Within Micic’s plans is, as mentioned above, the international expansion of Medical Shipment – a process that is now underway, as the company is already working with partners in Canada and Mexico. In addition, Micic is looking at the European market, which is a real possibility for the company.

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