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5 Reasons to Get Parental Control App to Protect Children

Parents use Parental Control apps to make sure that there are safe online. It is necessary to have a safe online environment nowadays. Kids below 12 need some level of supervision.

To save your child from the online risks, they need some guidance and some control. It is the responsibility of parents to provide a safe online environment for their children.

In adult life, one is mature enough to know the safe use of the online world. Kids need some supervision and guidance because they don’t know the safe use of the online world. Parental Control mechanisms and applications vary widely.

This mechanism includes the range of controls installed in browsers like Internet explorers to much-specialized software. You can regulate the time spent online as well as content browsed by using any parental control app. Family Orbit is one of these Parental Control apps prevent kids from accessing inappropriate or dangerous websites. Following this can be done by using the Parental Control app:

  • Web content filtering,
  • app blocking,
  • time management, location tracking.

Why Parents Should Use Parental Control apps?

There is some primary reason why you should use Parental Control apps. The reasons are as follow:

Child and Cyber Safety

Cyber-crime is a multibillion-dollar industry. This industry takes advantage of people worldwide, which can be risky for your child. It can be in any form, for instance, malware and ransomware. As ransomware is effectively grounds computer operation, it is quite potent.

Pedophiles use the internet for victims. Cyberspace offers unlimited disguise. Most of the time, victims don’t realize early of such a crime. They get to know about it too late.

You can ban sites and forums from getting the more excellent protection for your child. Kids and teens are generally curious about exploring different things, which can put them at risk. By using a child-friendly browser, the option you can have parental control. These browsers restrain using child-friendly browsers and flag specific platforms.

Time Management

Kids get addicted to gaming devices or even tablets and consume a lot of time in it. These smart devices can be an excellent distraction for a child. You can see children spending a lot of their valuable time-wasting on these devices. Excessive screen-time has specific side effects.

Time wasting is the primary side effect of this. Kids waste their time on these devices instead of utilizing that time on other priorities like studies. Because of the excessive screen time, even personal hygiene takes a back seat. When parents are away at work, this practice is unsustainable and is particularly bad.

Excessive screen-time has many other side effects that include

  • bad posture.
  • poor eyesight.
  • inadequate sleep.
  • lack of physical activity.

It also increases aggressiveness and intolerance in the child. In the long term, these side effects can be horrible. The responsible parent must do whatever it takes to control these side effects. Parents can initiate activities like taking walks as a distraction. As parents go to work, they are not around the kids for many hours. In this case, time, management features that are present in most of the parental control apps can be used to control them.

Parental Control features to some level are provided in most of the platforms like youTube and facebook. Google Family link to control screen time is an excellent example of it. You can keep track of daily limits and impose designated bedtimes by using this software.

Online Reputation and Privacy

Online reputation and privacy is another issue is of paramount importance in this Snapchat and Instagram generation. Kids and teens mostly like to follow the trends. It is a fact that the online world is an excellent part of our lives. It is not inconceivable to imagine future employees using a stupid post against any other qualified child. You can monitor the social media activity of your children by using a parental control app named Qustodio. You can also use the advanced facebook monitoring tool for this app.

Teens and kids should learn the importance of balancing self-expression with a certain level of civility. You should also ensure aspects like their privacy that can not get compromised by using Parental control apps.

Cyber Etiquette

A kid and teen must-have cyber etiquettes. Cyber etiquette is all about proper decision making. Positive parenting and reinforcement give cognitive skills to be polite and tolerant.

Another frontier in the internet etiquette battle is cyberbullying. Mostly that young adults and kids mock others for aspects of their lives they can’t control like disabilities. You should teach your child the importance of respect and understanding. It proves to help shape them to be responsible citizens. Parental Control apps can be useful for you to control such things.

Shielding from content

There is a lot of content on the internet that kids should not see. To restrict your child from such kind of content, you can place strict parental controls on the type of content that your children can understand. You can use the Parental Control apps in blocking specific search terms and blacklist various websites to prevent your child from accidentally stumbling on it.

What is the best parental control app?

There are many apps, and software’s that you can use to monitor your child. Many apps require you to pay for an annual subscription. This subscription relies on the number of devices you are monitoring. On the other side, some devices operate on a freemium model, albeit with some limitations that don’t apply to the premium edition. Both Android and iOS can control by most of the apps.

You can monitor the social media activity of your children by using this parental control app. It is used to control the online reputation and privacy. Some of the essential Parental Controlling apps and software that can help you to track your child are as follow:

Kaspersky Safe Kids

Kaspersky Safe Kids is a parental monitoring system for desktop and mobile platforms that is full-featured, affordable. You can monitor as much as devices as you want as it doesn’t have any limits on the number of devices.

Family Orbit

Family Orbit is the best parental control app. It helps the parents to protect their child, and this App also helps in blocking dangerous Apps and websites. Moreover, assist in locating your child anywhere.

Net Nanny’s

Net Nanny’s is the web-centric and multi-platform app. It has a useful option for the modern world.


Boomerang is a reliable parental control app for Android and iOS. This app is helpful for parents in tracking children’s web, app, and mobile activity. You can’t use it to monitor Macs or PCs.


Locategy’s parental control app is for Android and iOS. It helps in keeping track of your kid’s activities and location. It also has some design elements that you can use in web filtering capabilities.

FamilyTime Premium

FamilyTime Premium helps in keeping track of kids’ locations on Android and iOS.


There are many reasons for which parents should parent controlling app to control the activities of kids. They can keep monitoring their businesses through these apps.

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