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The Top 4 Parental Control Apps for You

Nowadays, the internet has become one hell of a place. This is especially true for kids. Wherever you see, there is a lot of adult content that can badly affect your child. And that is why it is important to install a parental control tool on your smartphones that can protect your children from the dark face of the internet. They act as best mobile spy for what your child does with his/her smartphone. Of course, a smartphone isn’t the only thing that you should keep tabs on. There are a lot of other smart devices like tablets that the younger generation is now turning to when they need to surf the internet or even have a little talk with their friends. All of such deeds can bring a lot of online problems to our children.

Don’t worry, parents. There is a lot that you can do from happening search nasty things. And of those, parental control tools are number one on the List. Those apps come for both Android and IOS smartphones for parental control. However, if you want to keep an eye on your child’s internet surfing activities then here is what you really should know about the apps you require.

Nothing is more important than your child’s security

Today in this post, I will exclusively cover Android parental control apps. Right from Net nanny to Norton family parental control, there are a lot of parental control apps on the list.

In addition, most of these apps need you to utilize the web interface to unlock their complete power. These apps assume that the smart device whatever is under the protection is utilized by the child and not an adult. Which means a majority of the ads do not let parents keep tabs utilizing the smart phone app itself.

The internet and social media filtering

The first and foremost thing that the parent control apps do is that to clean up the internet for your children is by filtering out the videos and content that involves adult or inappropriate websites. They accomplish this by changing the current browser or by entirely having kids to utilize a customized browser altogether. Both strategies are indeed worth and no customized browser we tried are worth than the standard browsers like Chrome or Opera. In fact, some of them even manage https so that children can not evade them utilizing a private anonymizing proxy.

The plus point in these apps is that the default internet filtering will automatically shut down or restrict the access that has harmful content that includes adult content and violence.  However, some of the apps also let parents customize the filter options depending on what they think is fine for the kids.

The scale or level of filters differ from app to app. Most of the apps filter the content based on how old the kid is. For example,   sex education content may not be appropriate for kids under 15  but for teenagers, it is one of the essential subjects. Just like that, Net Nanny app has a feature for redacting content instead of making the complete page unavailable because of one inappropriate or unparliamentary Word. Apart from letting you know what kind of website your child is browsing, these apps also let you make an exception for blocked sites. So there are a different set of rules for children who fall under different age.

One of the biggest features of parental control apps is social media filtering. Social media networking platforms like Instagram and Facebook, at times, have a lot of adult content.  So because of that, you will always have the option to block doors networking platforms.

Here’s a list of parental control apps that you should take consideration into:

Norton Family Premier

Norton family premier is one of the best parental Control apps that offers amazing filtering tools, useful location tracking features, and other helpful informative reports about what your kids are doing on their smartphone devices.

Norton family premium package is just bought any parent could ask for. This app offers smartphone device management that gives the parents control over various tools and options on various devices.  Normally, you fail to keep a track of what your children are doing with their phones but with the option of web filter, app monitor, and location tracking features, parents will have sufficient control on the hand to remind their children every once and then to accountably utilize their smartphone devices.

The unique web filtering options in Norton family premier can keep your kid at a distance from the websites that involve any kind of adult content. It is pretty simple to set a particular time for your kid exactly how much time it is fine to utilize a smartphone device.


Phonesheriff offers adequate tools to manage how your kid utilizes up to 3 smartphone devices simultaneously providing helpful information that is related to what kind of websites your child is visiting on that phone. The app offers a wide range of a full set of features and tools and makes it comparatively easy to utilize. It is an effective way to keep an eye on your children regardless of their age. The app has a comprehensive set of Amazing features. You can take a look at all the apps that your kid has installed and can block the ones that you think are not appropriate for them.

Net Nanny

Net nanny offers great features for all Android smartphone and tablet users. Right from securely surfing the internet to blocking in-app purchases, it provides a comprehensive set of features that allow you to remotely check, block, or even uninstall those apps you think are not fine or appropriate for your children.


Parents to worry about their children smartphone usage can consider ESET parental control app. This app is simple to setup and you can automatically set web filtering options depending on what you think is appropriate for your children. You can also set a time limit on how much your kids can use their smartphones.

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