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6 Methods for Ensuring Efficiency On Your Team Throughout the Holidays

Tis the season of deadlines and rushes. As the holidays begin to approach, it’s important to think about more than cooking and decorations. Businesses tend to find this time of year especially hectic. In order to make this season as enjoyable as possible, it’s vital to keep your team productive. Unfortunately, this can be a difficult task with so many distractions abound. So, here are six ways to keep your team efficient throughout the holidays.

1. Keep Track of Time

With all the distractions that come with the holidays, it can be easy to lose track of time. This is particularly true if your team members are working from home. Therefore, it’s wise to make time management a priority during the holidays. Find ways to hold your team accountable. You might consider incentives for staying on schedule. This may refocus your workers on the task at hand. You could also make use of technological solutions. For instance, a time tracking app can ensure accurate clock-in times and keep the team accountable.

2. Don’t Start New Projects

No one wants to use too much brain power during the holidays. Most of everyone’s mind tends to be devoted to the upcoming celebrations, thus making it difficult to stay innovative. Unless your team is based in creating initiatives, try not to introduce any new projects. Chances are that it won’t turn out well, or at least not as well as it could in another month. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to put an end to all workplace creativity. Encourage developments throughout your team. By doing this instead of forcing new initiatives, you’re more likely to achieve the desired results.

3. Be Realistic

Be honest with yourself and your group. Except for the absolutely necessary accomplishments, take the time to consider what can be completed. Unless your company says otherwise, you’re probably looking for quality over quantity. The last thing you want is harried workers that produce subpar innovations. If you think the set workload might be too much, ask for opinions and consider cutting it down.

4. Allow Free Time

Giving your workers breaks may seem counterintuitive, but it can be a lifesaver during this time of year. You might find that your team members are burning the candle at both ends. Holiday responsibilities are no joke, and they can be taxing for many. Instead of pushing everyone through the exhaustion, try to encourage periodic breaks. Allowing a breather can recharge people’s batteries and foster vitality.

5. Host Events

No matter how much it may seem like it, you don’t need to be a Scrooge during the holidays. In fact, this could work against you. It’s difficult to motivate your team when everyone is downtrodden. Therefore, hosting a holiday event might be just what your workers need. These parties are something to look forward to. The anticipation can then serve to distract from any boredom or disinterest. This is even a possibility if your team works remotely. Video calls could be used to create a long-distance celebration. Whatever you do, make sure everyone knows that each contribution is appreciated.

6. Communicate

It’s always important to communicate, but the holiday season makes this action absolutely essential. There is far too much going on to lose track of your team. While you shouldn’t be too controlling, try to stay with each individual every step of the way. Offer help if it’s needed. Let your workers know that you will talk with anyone that’s struggling. Ask for updates on important projects. This doesn’t need to just be a dramatic support system, either. You can start group chats to get your people more acquainted with each other. A friendly collective is more likely to cooperate well.

Handling a team during the most festive time of the year may be stressful, but it doesn’t need to be dreadful. Above anything else, keep your team members’ well-being at the top priority. Make sure that everyone is on track and doing alright. Good luck and happy holidays.

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