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Published on September 23rd, 2019 | by Petr Kudlacek


A Guide to Make the List of the Best Features For Your Mobile App

The development of a successful and the most popular mobile application starts with a solid idea and planning. Generally, the basis of planning takes the form of a Product Requirements Document (PRD) or User Stories or we can say a combination – that is developed during the product definition phase.

The main aim of product definition is to plan the product’s purpose, features, and functionalities. It will take care of all the sides of production, comprising but not limited to, design, development, and quality assurance; therefore, it needs to attain some of the major goals.

However, while developing a mobile app, developers need to ensure that the program includes the features that users are looking for. In case, if the mobile app is difficult to navigate or doesn’t perform as the individual is expected, people will surely dump the program for any other program with greater functionality.

Moreover, it will cause problems like lost revenue, so it is essential to understand what users want and what type of features they need in their daily life. In this post, we covered a complete guide to making a complete list of the best features in your mobile app.


Check out How to Choose the Best Features for Your Mobile App


One of the main aims of any project is to develop an attractive product that starts with research. There are lots of things that you need to research on like competitors, customers, technologies, trends, users and more. You can research on these and used to inform the direction of your product.

Before you begin with developing an app, ensure that you have a clear understanding of the need or any issue that you are trying to solve so that you can determine how your product will address it. Research is not only useful in developing a product, but it is also useful when to use throughout the entire product lifecycle so that you can adjust and adapt to changing user and market demands.

Outline The Main Purpose

It is important for you to define the main purpose of your application like, what problems it solve and who is going to use it, etc. You can outline the value proposition of your app and know different scenarios that are possible with it.

Knowing the main purpose is highly essential as it will help you to develop a right and compelling application with the aim of giving a solution to the real problem. You can also define how you are going to solve the pain points of users and fulfill their expectations. With the process of product definition, you can get answers to all the questions.

Listing Features

Do you know that features play a significant role in product definition? Every single requirement should be broken clearly for the product team no matter whether it is in the form of PRD or user stories. So, you can list out the mobile app features as it will be helpful for you to attain your goal.

Once you list out the features, you should ask yourself that whether they are solving any problem or not. By answering all these questions, you can get help in showing clearly both the feature and its main aim so that your development team can know its main purpose and execute accordingly.

Arranging Features Prioritize-wise

Once you list out all the features, it is essential that you prioritize each of the requirements so that you can indicate which are essentially vital to the success of the product. The main strategy is to categorize the needs that are based on importance.

For instance, there are some of the mobile app features that are essential, while others also play an important role, but are not necessary for release. By planning a constant classification system, you can get help in guiding success criteria and deliver a clear picture of critical features.

It is also essential to rank feature importance within each classification. It would be helpful to ensure that the most important features are executed first in the case that project timeframe modifies.

Eventually, you make sure that you focus and give your efforts in rightly defining your product in detail as it would help to develop the basis of a popular product that can solve problems.

Before you develop a high-end mobile application for your business, you can go through this guide that will help you to make the best list of the features of the mobile app. After making a final list of the features, you can discuss it with any experienced mobile app development company that comprehends your needs and give a right solution.

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