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Must have for an addictive app!

The craze of mobile apps have made the whole world crazy and let’s all admit it that we all cannot go a day without using them. The ease and convenience that mobile apps have added to our live made all of us addicted to them. It may have happened many times that we need to do some important task but we were busy playing some game or were busy with some app and had missed doing that work.

Have you ever wondered why it happen or why were you so much for the app? Well, that is because the app made you addictive to it. Be it anything from paying bills, booking movie tickets or chatting with your friends, mobile apps have imprisoned us. With so many apps available in the market, the competition in the app industry has gone onto some other level. Even because of being so dependent on apps, the expectations of customers have gone really up. It has become very difficult for any app development company to make your space between so many apps.

We have a wide variety of apps available in the market but not all the apps really have what it takes to be successful. Now the question that pops is: “What makes an app addictive?” We have listed the must-have qualities for an app to be addictive. Here we go with the list:

1. Make it Simple:

With so many hazels in life, no one would want to have more difficulties in their life by using a complicated app. Offer your users an app that eases their difficulties by giving them solutions to their problem. Keep your app simple enough that even a kid finds it easy to operate. A simple app will no doubt turn into an addiction to the users.

2. Target Emotions:

Target the user’s emotions with your app. Give them an app that kills their negativity or loneliness. Users will feel addicted to the app if they get something that can help them get rid of their free time and help them to overcome their boredom.

3. Creativity and Fun:

The easiest and secure way that one can use to keep the users engage with the app is by making an app that offers them any funny thing. It can be making a funny image, video or imitating any character if the users are getting any funny quotient from your app then they will be addicted to it. Let your users show their creative side with your app.

4. Pamper them with Rewards:

Pamper your users by giving them some rewards points. The facts have shown if the users win any reward points, it gives them a feeling of achievement and motivates them to go for more. This way the users will use your app more in order to get rewarded more often and feel accomplished.

5. Fewer Bugs:

The most successful have this secret that they test their app frequently so as to have less number of errors or bugs in the app. A smooth bug-free experience will always attract new customers to the app and also keep the existing customers happy with your app. Make it a habit to test your app and to keep it bug-free.

6. Time Constraints:

Keep the users hooked by giving them time constraints. Offer them a time limit or a limited number of chances to play a certain level or stage. This will help you to keep them wanting to achieve more after every play. Thus making them want more of your app.

Developing an app and making it an addiction among the users is not everyone’s cup of tea but by making some efforts and being aware of what the users want, you can have an app that is user’s first choice and is an addiction for them.


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Mohd Faizan is working as a Social Media Executive for ChromeInfotech, a leading app development company, globally. He fell in love with cricket at the age of 7, a gadget freak, who cannot survive a day without his laptop and phone. Gaming, music and traveling are his other interests.

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