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The Ultimate Solution to Unwanted Programs and a Slow Computer

How does one tackle the never-ending issue of a slow computer system and unwanted programs? We know it’s our own fault; we keep saving and saving all those important documents and emails we know we’ll need at some point in the future. But if we want to keep that important information, there’s got to be a better way of organizing and storing it, right?

Within all that data we’re keeping on our desktops and laptops, we know there’s probably some duplicate or redundant information in there. How can we go through all this information in a timely and cost-effective manner, without it impacting our daily business processes and tasks?

The virtual world of computers allows us to store junk in an invisible environment. Most of us would be classified as “hoarders” if we could see what is in our both personal and business computers. Since we all live on the go, we “save” because it is easy and tidy. It’s like having your cake and eating it too.

Here’s the setting: it is a busy day at work and a customer calls up to place an order, but your new employee can’t find his customer number, so he creates another profile for this customer Carol Johnson with some new information on it.

Great, now your system thinks there are two Carol Johnsons. So you begin to look at your customer/client list and realize there are more duplicates made by that new employee. Plus, there also seems to be other duplicate and cloned information in there, from information gathered and integrated from various systems. Yikes!

So after we realize there’s a problem, we start the dirty work and begin to clean out our computers. However, we realize there’s a lot more work involved. So, we decide that it is time to purge and merge our computer, so we begin to delete items that are duplicates and clones and merge them into virtual boxes stored nicely in our virtual storage closet.

At first we are very careful, but there are so many of them, so we begin to highlight and purge blocks of items. Then, somehow we deleted an extremely important master list, which of course had not duplicated itself in any form, erroneous or not.

So what does one do? This is really a common problem at many organizations. Whether it’s a new employee not familiar with your company’s systems, or there isn’t a data governance system in place, unfortunately these types of situations all too frequently occurs at companies everywhere.

How do we resolve this messy situation that has just become more complex? Introducing DataMatch Enterprise by Data Ladder. Their data quality tools offer several components that along with a strong data governance program can bring resolution to haphazard data issues.

What does DataMatch Enterprise do? Beyond merging and purging appropriate data files, it provides several features:

  • Unparalleled matching accuracy and speed for enterprise-level data cleansing
  • Proprietary matching algorithms with a high level of matching accuracy at blazing fast speeds on Desktop/Laptop Hardware
  • Big data capability, with data sets up to 100 million records
  • Deduplication and merge purge within and across any number of files
  • Suppression of existing customers or “Do Not Contact” from marketing lists
  • Advanced record linking technology to create data warehouses
  • Quick data profile tool finds and fixes data quality issues within the first 5 minutes of setup to improve match quality

DataMatch Enterprise is a highly visual desktop data cleansing application specifically designed to resolve customer and contact data quality issues such as the one described earlier. DataMatch Enterprise includes multiple proprietary and standard algorithms for detecting phonetic, fuzzy, miskeyed, and abbreviated variations.

The suite consists of scalable configurations for deduplication & record linking, suppression, enhancement, extraction, and standardization of business and customer data.

The DataMatch Enterprise suite can be used to find and link customer data, consolidate data across multiple sources, and remove deceased and unwanted records – quickly and easily improving your marketing and mailing performance.

So beyond improving performance of your systems, data quality tools like DataMatch Enterprise also help boost another important aspect of your data — accuracy. Accuracy is extremely important because the reputation of your organization is directly impacted. There is absolutely no room for error, especially when it comes to important things such employee and customer information.

Think about how your customers feel when they receive your email marketing, or direct mail pieces. What if they start getting numerous duplicate emails or catalogs from your company? They might have liked it when they received that first holiday catalog, but it starts to become annoying when they continue to get duplicate copies coming to their address.

Duplicate emails and direct mailings are annoying to anyone and furthermore, it tells your customer you aren’t paying attention to details. If this is done often enough, it could be seen as bullying, and you might even be deleted as a vendor from their list.

Even worse, you’re throwing revenue away by mailing duplicate hard copies of a catalog or postcard. While this may be through no fault of your own, you do have the power to deduplicate!

Without appropriate data quality tools to manage your customer lists, it could be costing you revenue and the loss of customers — and of course, a slow computer system.

Want to get started on some sort of data quality program? When tackling problems, start off with manageable bites. Split those problems into small, manageable problems that you can logically address. Choose one simple, well defined issue, explore it and demonstrate a little value. Then, repeat those steps over and over.
Before you know it, you are on your way to tackling the big challenge! Make sure your data is organized for use in everyday operations. Otherwise, your operations will be slowed and things will quickly come to a halt! You will then be more comfortable managing your data and getting viable results for real time use. It’s just that simple.

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