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The Freelance Economy Is Growing In Colorado And The US: Tips To Help Your Freelance Endeavor Succeed

Colorado has a growing number of people that are freelancing full-time or using freelancing as a side gig to earn supplemental income. The ability to work from home is extremely attractive to most people that might want to live in certain locations. A person that wants to live abroad months out of the year can do so when working remotely. Being able to put your home up on Airbnb and earn while abroad can be a perfect way to save immense amounts of money. With the healthy rental economy in the state this can become a reality but becoming a successful freelancer will take hard work. The following are tips to help a freelancing side gig or full-time attempt go as well as possible.

Set Minimum Work Hour Totals For The Week

There is always work to be done as a freelancer so setting minimum work hours for the week is imperative. Finding new gigs can take a full day at times so finding long term gigs should be the ultimate goal. Companies usually are more willing to pay a freelancer more if they have worked with them for a while. Freelancers that communicate well, follow directions, and hit deadlines are worth their weight in gold to companies. You would be surprised how much you can earn in 10 hours a week that you might have spent watching Netflix or surfing social media. The beauty of freelancing is that the more you work, the more you get paid which is not the case in many other jobs.

Find Places Where You Are Extremely Productive

There are going to be places outside of your home office where you find yourself extremely productive. For a freelance writer this could be in a foldable chair after a hike just sitting in nature. For a designer this might be a café or a dark office space they have established for their freelancing business. The beauty of working a freelance job is the ability to change your surroundings. Find places where you are productive that you also enjoy in order to help the workday go by in a positive manner. With all of the beautiful nature and great cafes Colorado has to offer there are no shortage of great places to work regardless of your role.

A Home Office Can Help A Freelancer Knock Out Rush Projects

A home office needs to be set up with productivity in mind as well as comfort. Finding the best home massage chair or foot massager can offer you comfort that will make working that much more enjoyable. There are times when companies are willing to pay a premium price for work but it has to be done on a rush basis. This is the way freelancers can earn immense amounts in a matter of days. You will most likely have to clear your schedule or even work throughout a night to complete it but when you get paid it will be worth that sacrifice. Companies remember the freelancers that helped them out and will most likely increase the amount of work without a rush requirement associated.

Take On More Work That You Want To At Certain Points

Taking on more work that you want to at points is important to do as work comes in cycles. Many times, there will be an influx of work then a few weeks where things are a little slower. For those that work hourly this is reduced but for those that work on a project by project basis it is for more common. Taking on these extra jobs will keep you busy even when it is a bit slower. Being able to rely on a certain amount of income no matter what is great even if you have to put in a week a month that you work intense hours. Your old employers can be great targets for those that might need contract work done. If you left on positive terms reaching out can result in receiving work from a company that already knows the quality you will deliver.

Tax Time Can Be Financially Devastating If You Do Not Put Money Aside

Tax time if you do not pay quarterly taxes can be a huge hit to your financial health. Most full-time freelancers realize this but those working a side gig for the first time might overlook this. The importance of a side gig in today’s world with rising college costs has increased due to large student loan debts among others. Put away around 30 percent of the money that you earn during your side gig in order to play it safe. This is basically withholding money for taxes that will be taken out later.

Above are tips that will help you as you begin your freelance journey. This might be able to change your life so make sure you research freelancing as there is a fit for everyone if you look hard enough.

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