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Reaching Out the Charger: 6 Good Power Banks

The batteries of our smartphones are not infinite and at the end of the working day, we often remain without communication and access to Instagram and Facebook. To prevent this from happening again, it is extremely reasonable to have a power bank always with you. Here is a selection of good portable batteries. You can also rely on only the best waterproof power bank offered by Camp High Life and Aukey.

1. Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 5000

A good everyday battery which is thin and lightweight. Five thousand mAh is enough for about two iPhone charges, and the power bank charges itself via micro-USB for 3.5 hours. A charge is indicated by LED indicators. Its drawback – the battery itself must be charged quite often, especially if you actively use it. However, it will always allow you to conduct an instant withdrawal in online casino Singapore if your phone is out of energy and you just won some money.

2. NEO PQ10 Wireless

Beautiful battery with wireless Qi-charging and two USB outputs. A charge is indicated by LED indicators. The battery itself can be charged from micro-USB or USB Type-C. Ten thousand mAh, which is enough for about four full iPhone charges and the weight is 225 grams.

3. Finger Pow

It is a cool modular battery. Developed from the idea that the wire of an ordinary battery creates an inconvenience when walking, and in transport, it can also be knocked from hands with a careless movement. It consists of a base and four removable batteries. The base is a regular battery of five thousand mAh. It’s able to charge gadgets directly, but you can also connect small batteries to it.

The weight of one is 15 grams, the capacity is 600 mAh, it charges the iPhone approximately to 10–25%, depending on the model. The small ones are fastened together, stuck into each other. According to the owners, Finger Pow is more convenient than ordinary large batteries. As a set, there are included the magnetic adapters: lightning, micro-USB, USB Type-C.

4. Anker PowerCore 20000

20’000 mAh, two USB ports, and a fast charge function. It fits in a pocket and does not overburden it. A good choice if you don’t want to charge the battery too often (full charge of Anker PowerCore will take five hours). Its drawback – the incompatibility with devices with input power below 50 mA (some headphones, Bluetooth headsets, and GPS devices).

5. NEO Pro 650

65’000 mAh is enough for all your devices and even those of your friends. It includes 28 adapters (you can charge a laptop) and an adapter for charging the battery from the car cigarette lighter. There is a 12-volt output to power mini-refrigerators or quadrocopter batteries. The front face turns into a powerful flashlight. A charge is indicated by LED indicators. Expected drawback – the weight is 1.2 kg.

6. Goal Zero Yeti 3000 Lithium

The battery, with a capacity of 300’000 mAh (we are not mistaken with zeros), charges smartphones (up to 150 recharges of your iPhone), tablets, speakers, laptops, stove or refrigerator. The case has four USB ports: a USB-C port, two 12-volt hex outputs, a 12-volt output for a car cigarette lighter, and a 220-volt socket. With the help of a proprietary application, you can control the ports and check the charge level.

Included is a platform with wheels and a telescopic handle for transportation, plus two handles on the sides. The battery itself is charged by solar panels, car cigarette lighter (but you need a special cable, sold separately) or from two charges. This process takes about 25 hours. Its weight is 31 kilograms – you can put it in a car trunk in case of a zombie apocalypse and forget about energy for a couple of months.

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