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aLLreLi Power Adapter Station 4-port USB Travel Charger Review: a perfect charging companion for travel


Hello friends! Today, with us, we have with us a 4-port USB charger for review. We thank the aLLreLi team for sending us a review unit. While chargers are not something one thinks about too much, but from the last experience with the iClever charger, it is now known that all chargers are not created equal. So, as always, instead of assuming what the charger could be like, I went ahead and tried it out with a variety of devices. In this article, I’ll pen down my experience with it.

About the product

aLLreLi Power Adapter Station 4-port USB Travel Charger is a 4-port wall adapter to charge USB devices. It has three full size USB ports, out of which one supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 while the fourth port is a type-C USB port. The wall adapter supports all possible electricity voltages around the world. It also includes 4 socket pins to fit in every possible electric socket in the world. The product page features the following points:

  • LEAVE YOUR COMPUTER AT HOME: This portable USB charger allows you plug in your favorite electronics without needing to carry around your treasured laptop to do so.
  • FOUR TIMES THE CHARGING POSSIBILITIES: Four ports are included on this USB wall charger so you can keep all of your devices at full charge while traveling.
  • CHARGE AT LIGHTNING FAST SPEEDS: 2 USB charger ports are included with Smart IC charging technology, standard USB charger with QC 3.0 and type-C USB port for swift charging and optimal, safe performance.
  • SAFE DESIGN: Travel charger has over voltage, over current and short circuit protection; Meets CE, RoHS and UL certification requirements to give you peace of mind.

Now that we’re familiar with the product specifications, let’s move on to unboxing it.


The aLLreLi Power Adapter Station 4-port USB Travel Charger comes in a paper and cardboard box, similar to the previous chargers we’ve reviewed.

The front of the box features the name of the product with a minimal product image and description.

The back of the box has specifications of the product and the brand contact information written on it.

Sliding away the paper cover and opening the box flap, we’re greeted with a user manual, four types of socket pins, and the wall adapter itself packed in bubble wrap.

Here is a closer view of the user manual.

Here is how the socket pins look from close up.

Coming back to the wall adapter, the wider sides have product specifications on one side and the aLLreLi logo and Quick Charge 3.0 label on the other.

Coming to the narrow sides, one side has the 4 USB ports. You can clearly see below one type-C port, two standard USB ports and one QuickCharge 3.0 port.

The other side has a socket and two slots, where the socket pins can be mounted.

Mounting the socket pins is easy. You just need to push the back of one of the pins to the charger side and with a ‘click’ sound the socket pin will fit in place.

You can remove the pins by pressing a tab on one side of the charger and then pulling out the pins.

Finally, the product is unboxed. Its time for me to describe my usage and experience with it.

Usage and experience

There is nothing much to explain how a charger fits or works. If a socket pin pair is already attached to aLLreLi Power Adapter Station 4-port USB Travel Charger, then all you need to do is plug it into a wall socket. Then you connect your device’s USB cable to the appropriate USB port, depending on whether it is a type-C, a standard or a QC 3.0 port. After that power it on to make your devices charge. The red LED light on the charger face indicates that power is available and devices are charging.

I tested out the charging capabilities by plugging in my YU Yureka phone, my iPad Pro 128GB cellular and my Xiaomi Mi 10400 mAh power back. I do not have a type-C device yet so I could not test that port out (apologies!).

The devices charged in parallel and from what I saw, I deduced that each device is supplied power within its safety limits. My phone battery was full in 2 hours. My iPad was satiated in 3 hours. The power back took 4-and-half hours to charge to full. All of them charged normally and in the speeds as they would with their included chargers. Even if you plug any device to a higher powered port, it still draws current within its safety limits.

Coming to the charger itself, it heats up slightly when all ports are in use. This amount of heat is very little, what we can call lukewarm. One charger I reviews previously heated to unbearable levels. This one doesn’t face that problem. It has far less heating. Also, there is no squealing and humming sound like many other chargers and it is absolutely silent.

I will highly recommend this charger to travellers who are fed up of carrying multiple chargers for a variety of devices. You can simply ditch your other chargers and carry this one only. It will be as good as your device’s stock chargers. Plus you have the option of 4 pins to support every electricity socket type.



  • Small and light
  • Good build quality
  • Charges upto 4 devices as fast as their stock chargers
  • Supports all AC voltages worldwide
  • Supports 4 types of wall plug pins to fit into all sockets worldwide


None so far.

Getting for yourself

The aLLreLi Power Adapter Station 4-port USB Travel Charger is available on their e-store for $19.99. Granted the pricing is a bit on the higher side, but the type-C and QC 3.0 port is well worth the price provided you have devices that support the same. Moreover it is designed with safety in mind, so you never have to worry about your device getting burnt as it supplies current within your device’s safety limits.

Click here to buy the product.


The aLLreLi Power Adapter Station 4-port USB Travel Charger works as advertised. It is sleek and lightweight and supports 4 devices while firmly staying hooked to the wall. It will try to charge your devices at the maximum possible speed while still staying below the safety limits. As a result, it can easily replace multiple stock chargers of your devices when you travel. Moreover multi-voltage and multi-socket support will ensure that it works in any country in the world. I’ll happily recommend this to people who carry multiple devices with them. Do give it a try, and I’m sure you will not be disappointed.

Rating: 10/10

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