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Best Biometric Door Lock to Secure Your Home

Unlike a standard lock that opens with a key or with a card, biometric locks make life much easier and double the security of your home. They allow you to manage the opening of your door or gate in complete safety by giving access only to recognized persons, either by fingerprints, or by access code that is composed of numbers or letters, but also by special keys or cards and even your smartphone. In this article, we will give you 3 of the best Biometric door locks that will make your home safer.

Why choose A Biometric Door Lock?

This product is also ideal, both for external and internal use; it withstands the outside environment very well, and its manufacture is completely designed to withstand bad weather and even dust. With some models of biometric locks, it is also quite possible to control the opening hours of the door and the precise hours of entry and exit of each person who has access to the lock.

For large houses with several tenants, there are locks that can support up to 100 tenants, or even more, with the various means of opening. In short, this material is therefore state of the art in terms of security, but also of practicality. These items are a good way to increase security in your home.

Konx IP door Station

This lock responds faithfully to the security needs of families and professionals. It is also very practical, especially with the remote control, making your life easy since it only requires the smartphone or the fingerprint to open; no more bothering to rummage in your bag to find your keys, having to use the services of a locksmith in case of loss of keys; everything is really simplified. It is recommended because with this material, security is assured for any home.

ZKTeco High-end biometric lock

It is a biometric lock that is ideal for homes and business establishments. One of the most beautiful features of this biometric lock is that it can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is an easy-to-install hardware with a comprehensive user and installation guide. It does not require other materials, other than those supplied in the pack.

Samsung H705 Digital Lock

This device has all the features to be used, both for homes and for professionals. It is recommended because it is a device which offers easy use thanks to its various functionalities.

This equipment is used to manage the opening of a door or a gate (as with certain IP videophones or wired video door entry units). Therefore, if this material recognizes a person as a resident, the door opens. Otherwise, an alarm sounds to warn you. In addition, this product includes various alarms, for fire or intrusion, to alert neighbors. The H705 biometric lock can recognize multiple users, up to 100 fingerprints, 10 different programmable codes and 3 remote controls.


Main editor from portal, Wiki recommend: a good biometric lock is first of all, a lock that guarantees your daily security, but which also makes your life easier by reducing the number of keys in your pocket. Thus, one could appreciate a lock, not only by the security it provides, but also by its practicality. We have listed 3 of the best biometric door locks in 2020 for maximum security and utmost practicality.

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