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5 Must Have Android Apps for Students

Gone are those days of carrying heavy textbooks and abnormal sleep cycle. Android phones or tablets with the appropriate applications is the solution to every student’s problem of exams and classes too. There are Thousands of ways to make your life easy as a student. So, we have decided to make a list of the most useful Android Apps for Students.

Best Android Apps for Students


This application helps you to go paperless anywhere and anytime. This application helps you to avoid getting printouts of any document or notes. You can easily scan any documents using your phone’s camera and save it as a PDF. You can also save your files to Dropbox and Google Drive. Using this application, you can easily find any existing receipts and documents and can even use them as editable PDFs. This application produces a clean PDF and which is unparalleled to any other scanners.

CamScanner – Phone PDF Creator

Developer: INTSIG Information

Price: Free

Proxynel Browser

As a student privacy is your main concern. When you are using the school’s WiFi there might be certain important websites that are blocked. In such a situation you can use a proxy browser for Android devices. Proxy browsers are nothing but a browser which comes inbuilt with a proxy server.

Proxynel Browser

Developer: udicorn

Price: Free

Exam Vocabulary Builder

This application is being used by almost 6 million users who have used this to improve their English vocabulary, from the fact of being a fresher at college or a graduate. This application is a great help for language proficiency. The application helps with retention too using “repetition”.

Vocabulary Builder

Developer: Magoosh

Price: Free

Unlike vocabulary builder applications, this doesn’t have a limited set of words. is a package for all your English learning needs with a countless number of definitions. This android app comes free of cost and consists of search history, word origin, synonyms, antonyms and much more. It has gathered more than 43,000+ ratings and 4.5 stars.

Developer:, LLC

Price: Free


Skype is not just a communication app. It also has features like texting, voice chat, video and file sharing so it could serve as a study app for students. It can come very handy when you cannot go out and you need something from any of your classmate, this app can be a saviour. After downloading the file your friend could also help you decipher the bad handwriting.

Skype – free IM & video calls

Developer: Skype

Price: Free

Bonus App


This android app provides you with curriculum course study material and lots of online courses. You can sign up for this application and study at your own pace. This application offers you with a selection of courses and all the supplements as you are learning at your college. This also has a feature by which you can introduce yourself to subjects before entering into each semester.

Coursera: Online courses

Developer: Coursera

Price: Free

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