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How Lotto247 is Helping Indians Play International Lotteries

The online lottery is an industry that has been trending in India in the last few years. With overall growth in online gamers in India, it is not surprising that many users want to play the online lottery as well and try their luck at international lotteries and draws.

There are many factors that have contributed to the growing popularity of the online lottery industry, such as the easy access to smartphones and cheap data packs, as well as the inclination of Indian users to play real-money games online. Last but not least, more and more online lottery websites accepting Indian digital payment options have allowed players to easily deposit and withdraw money on these gaming platforms, making them even more inclined to play!

Lotto247 happens to be one of these hugely popular online lottery providers – it gives its users access to a wide variety of international lottery draws, which the Indian player could not play otherwise.

Since the Indian Lotteries Act prohibits the sale of any private lottery and only allows state lotteries in 13 Indian states, Indian players have begun to use online lottery websites such as Lotto247 to buy their lottery tickets.

However, since the Indian Lotteries Act does not prohibit the use of online lottery sites that are based off-shore, Lotto247 is able to operate freely, attracting many players from the Indian subcontinent.

The lottery has always been a huge cultural entertainment source in India, and Lotto247 carries this tradition forward. Players can easily purchase lottery tickets to any of the biggest draws from across the globe, such as the Powerball or the Euromillions, and then wait for the results to roll in.

The way Lotto247 operates is that they have local offices across the world, from where they send out agents to purchase physical lottery tickets which are similar to the numbers you have chosen to buy online. Then, the website will upload a scanned copy of the lottery ticket to your account, allowing the user to have a copy of their ticket. If the lottery is drawn and the user’s ticket has won a prize or jackpot, Lotto247 will arrange for the user to fly out and receive their huge prize.

Lotto247 also has a history of helping many of their users win a lottery, including a man from Bangalore, who was lucky enough to win 3.8 crore rupees by playing the Megamillions through the Lotto247 website.

“I was late to check the results, but soon as I got the results from Lotto247, I was shocked. For a moment I could not believe it, but after a while, I knew that it was a big win for me. After that, I was happy; there were no words to describe my excitement,” said the Bangalore man who won using Lotto247.

Lotto247 hopes to expand its operations in India even more and wishes to help Indian players safely and legally play the international lotteries that they wouldn’t otherwise have access to. And judging by the already popular website, there is no doubt that more and more players will be pouring in to play the online lottery with Lotto247.

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