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Why You Need A Virtual Phone System

There are a number of reasons that you need a virtual phone system for your business. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most prominent reasons why virtual phone systems can make your business more efficient, more professional, more global, and ultimately more competitive.


Handling a large volume of inbound calls can be tricky for a new business that doesn’t have the manpower or resources at hand. This is especially true for startups and small businesses that are looking to get their business off the ground with minimal resources or know-how. What is the answer to this common problem?

Virtual phone systems allow your business to give inbound callers the ability to self-select through a directory system to reach the person or department they intend to reach.

Furthermore, the add-ons and features of a virtual phone system can make your business even more efficient. Consider “time of day routing,” which enables your business to route inbound calls to another “destination phone number” during the hours of your choosing. When inbound callers call your virtual phone system during off-hours, those calls can be routed to a voicemail, another call center located in a favorable time zone, read an automated message to provide basic information, forward directly to another department – the list goes on. This ensures that callers aren’t left high and dry without someone to answer their questions, which creates a more favorable impression of your business.

Professional Appearance

Appearances are important in business. A virtual phone system gives your business the ability to appear larger than you actually are in the digital landscape.

As an example, think of the last time you contacted a large organization (such as a governmental department, law firm, and so forth). Chances are, what you encountered at first was an automated phone system, not a human being. This buffer presents a subconscious element to using a virtual phone system, where those who are not familiar with the relatively cheap cost of setting one up automatically assumes only the aforementioned large organizations have access. It also shows that your business doesn’t have the time to waste on pleasantries – instead, customers can get right down to business.

Global Presence

Perhaps the key benefit of using a virtual phone system is that it allows your business to have a global presence, even if you are not headquartered or have a branch office in another country. This is made possible through virtual numbers, which allow your business to reach customers in another country or region without blocks from foreign service providers.

Virtual numbers are more in line with modern communication techniques, whereas the traditional model of business expansion previously required establishing a physical business presence in a new country or territory – a typically costly endeavor. The primary example of this in action is the amount of overhead associated with establishing a business in a foreign country, which includes hiring staff, filing the proper paperwork, paying the required fees for licensing, leasing and/or purchasing property, and so forth. All of these steps (and more) require a significant amount of resources from the beginning, whether that includes investment capital, time, risk, and other concerns. The kicker, however, is that in nearly every case, ALL of these steps have to be completed before even earning a single profit.

Thanks to a virtual phone system, you have the ability to establish a global presence using virtual communications, particularly virtual offices and virtual locations. Because of how far technology has come, your business can establish a global presence and handle customer transactions all without speaking in-person or needing office space.

Competitive Edge

Not every business realizes the value of having a virtual phone system. As our world becomes more digitized, older organizations or those who aren’t as tech-savvy simply can’t meet the demands of modern consumers, clients, and others who have been acclimated to instantaneous communication and the ability self-select at will. By providing the means to do so with your virtual phone system, your business will naturally pull ahead of your competitors who haven’t adapted to modern technology.

Author’s Bio: Tom Senkus is a telecom writer and international entrepreneur that shares his knowledge of the newest virtual technology to give businesses a competitive edge in a global marketplace. For more information on his list of writing services and published output, visit www.tomsenkuswriter.com

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