Engineering Problem in Severage

Published on August 5th, 2021 | by Sumit Bhowal


A Clogged Sewer Line Can Send You Signs

Every morning, we all get up with our list of tasks to be completed for the day. One can have an important meeting at work or a test at University or even have to perform chores to help other home members to prepare for theirs. Now imagine that when you rush to the washroom, you discover that the toilet is clogged! Already irritated with the imagination? That’s completely alright, but do you know what is not fine? Something like that! Even if you immediately type a plumber near me in your search box, you can’t undo the way your day started. What if this is a sign of something worse?

Searched fo plumber near me

A clogged toilet is annoying. You don’t want to imagine it for the blocked sewer line. After all, it keeps the home safe by transporting the wastewater away. However, if the sewerage line is blocked, it can catch all the waste in the pipeline. Eventually, it can leave you with many plumbing emergencies if not noticed on time. Luckily, before it worsens, you can reach out to a plumber, and here is when you need to do that:

Showers and Tubs

Yes, toilets are connected to the main drain most directly, but apart from clogged toilets over and over, plugged drains of shower and sink are also a sign. Tub and shower drains are at a lower level as compared to drains of the sink. It makes it another affected area in the line. There can be instances where tubs and shower drains are filled with wastewater too. A blockage in the single drain is not much to worry about. However, when the same thing happens many times, it is a red flag. If shower and sink drains are slow, reach out for help!


Getting room fresheners in different shapes and styles, running exhaust for longer, and ensuring ventilation, we all put effort to make the bathrooms smell fresh. However, the clogged sewerage can wreck all of these attempts. A blocked drain can emit a bad smell. Not just this, but if you hear bubbling or gurgling sounds from the shower or sink drains after flushing, consider it a sign that needs attention immediately.


Usually, a sewer line is spread out from the home, then, down the front lawn, and after that to the sewerage system of the city. A problem in the sewerage can leave an indication on the lawn. It can be something like a mushy patch of grass even without any rain in the past days. If you notice something like this, wait no more, take out your mobile, and search “plumber in Hermitage.”

Water Backs Up

With a clogged sewer line, wastewater can be hindered due to the clog when you are flushing or draining it. Eventually, it can make wastewater come back from different drains of the home. Even if you try to unplug your toilet pot and other trains, this can happen again. Ultimately, you will be left with only one option after facing constant troubles, and that is calling a plumber. Why not do it beforehand?

Final Thoughts

DIY hacks can seem to be amazing solutions when watched on screen. However, when it comes to a situation like a blockage in the sewerage line, it is advised to not go for them. It is because you might not be aware of the root cause of the problem. Instead of resolving, it can worsen the situation further. Don’t worry! We have got you covered! Reach us at Mr. Rooter Plumbing, and our experienced plumbers to help you out!

Problem in Severage

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