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Signs That You Are Unknowingly Destroying Your Brand’s Reputation

Unprofessional Behaviour

Unprofessional behaviour, especially in the workplace or online, can be reflected onto your brand if it is tied to you. If you are rude and constantly commenting on inappropriate things whether it be in the workplace or while out and about it can reflect badly not just on yourself but on your brand as a whole. People talk and because of this word can spread about you and this could lead to boycotting of your brand because of the way you show your image and how you come off to people. It is best to always be polite, even when you aren’t being shown it yourself so as to avoid damaging your company’s online reputation.

Misuse of Social Media

Posting too much content and especially posting inappropriate or misleading content onto your social media accounts. If you do this people may unfollow you as they may see it as spam or just inappropriate as a whole. These people will most likely not use any of your services due to this and will also not see any relevant information because they do not want to see all of the other stuff that comes with it. As stated, it is best to stay professional even on social media so that your followers will stick with you. It is fine to engage with your consumers on social media, in fact it is highly encouraged as it can be used as a way to deal with problems and to get involved with the community and build their trust. Even if you think you are just leaving a funny comment or your opinion and you are sure that it couldn’t possibly reflect badly, just don’t. Even if you can’t find offense in what you have put somebody out there is bound to have a problem with it so it is just best to stay away from it as there is nothing to gain but everything to lose. Once you start getting a negative reputation, your only hope may be online reputation experts as they will know exactly what to do and provide a plan of action.


Being unreliable towards your clients is probably the worst thing that you can do to damage your brand’s reputation. Making claims and not sticking to them or forgetting about deadlines for clients and such can all reflect very negatively on not just you but your company as well and if word gets out then more people will be questionable and could consider leaving for one of your competitors and leaving a negative review. People will see it as you not caring and if they believe you don’t care about your clients then they won’t have any reason to care about the services you provide and anything that you say or do in the future, even if it is true and you stick to your claims, won’t be taken seriously. People may also see this behaviour as you feeling like your time is more valuable than others which is never good even if you are in a position of power. Invest in a good review management company beforehand so that you can at least handle negative reviews before they go online.

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