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Smart-Home Upgrades can Boost Your Home’s Appeal to Buyers

Smart technology has already invaded homes. This is because of the fact that over the years, smart home gadgets have already became very affordable. People are also given different options to choose from. Making the home technologically more advanced is already the trend. With smart home automation, life is now more comfortable. And if you are selling your house, adding some of the most useful upgrades will surely increase its values.

Smart Home Automation is in High Demand

It is apparent that the idea of cash for homes has become a trend in different parts of the world. Before, to be able to sell a house, all you need to do is to improve the exterior, put on a fresh coat of paint and improve some light fixtures. However, today, people are now looking into some smart home automation upgrade.

In a survey conducted by Coldwell Banker, it has been deduced that a lot of potential homebuyers are looking into the smart-home tech as one of the requirements for them to sign a deal. In fact, 77% are looking for a smart thermostat and 75% are asking about smoke detectors. Security camera and smart locks are also part of those that most people are looking for.

Smart Home Upgrades that Can Attract and Boost Buyers to Your Home

To help you attract potential buyers, here are some of the smart home upgrades that you should add to your home:

1. Automated Blinds and Curtains

One of the best window treatment you can get is automated blinds or curtains. They come in reasonable process and can offer a lot of advantages. There are different types of motorized blinds that can be controlled in just a push of a button or even with just your voice. With an automated blinds or curtains, you can easily change the atmosphere of the room and make it more comfortable.

2. Climate Control with Smart Thermostats

There are already smart thermostats around 1950s. But the first ones that were introduced before are not easy to use. But with today’s technology advancement, it has already improved, and they are now very convenient to use. Most of smart thermostats can now be adjusted even when you’re not home. You can control the temperature and this product can also help you save money.

3. Smart Sprinkler Control

This product is for the people who need to water their lawn during the summer. If you cannot do it because you are a very busy person and you also want to save money, smart sprinkler control is the best product for this. This device is programmed using smartphone app or the computer. You can adjust the system according to the weather or the season. One of the advantages of smart sprinkler control is it can actually help save up on water bill.

4. Smart Smoke Detector

The reason why a lot of homebuyers are looking for this as part of their requirements is because it can help save life and money. A report from CBS provides that 2/3 of fire incidents of home happen because of a missing smoke detector. With a smart smoke detector, you will be able to comfortably go on with your daily life without the fear of your detector going off or being disabled without you knowing.

5. Add Security with a Video Doorbell

Most people would love to have a video doorbell in their new homes because it adds a sense of security. This gadget can detect motion and it would record if someone is pressing the doorbell. It will send an alert to your smartphone. There are two options you can choose from in terms of video doorbell. You can have the one with hardwired connection or the battery-powered model.

6. Secure the Entrance with a Smart Lock

If you have a smart lock, you do not have to think of putting the key in your pocket or in a safe place. This is a device that is Wi-Fi or Bluetooth enabled. With your Smartphone, a smart lock can automatically detect if you have already arrived home. The door will automatically unlock when you stand outside. Aside from that, you can program a smart lock to allow some selected guests into your home.

7. Smart Home Security System

A smart home security system allows you to sleep and work comfortably without worrying about your safety and the safety of your home from burglars. A typical smart home security system has its control panel, which serves as the primary controller. It comes with door and window sensors for the interior and exterior. And it also comes with wired or wireless security camera, a window sticker, and a siren or alarm. The interior of your home is secure with motion sensors and you can easily arm or disarm the system through the control panel.

Final Thought

Selling your home in this time of advancement also requires some type of upgrade not only in how the property looks like but also with its security and comfort. People would love to buy a property that gives them the sense of identity and convenience. They would prefer to settle in a new home that is already equipped with the things that they need. This is why, if you want your home to be on top of the market, make the necessary smart home upgrade and go with the trend.

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