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Creating a Harry Potter Style Party [Infographic]

What do you think of first when you think of Harry Potter and Hogwarts? It’s the surprising scene at Kings Cross Station when the children run through the brick on platform 9 ¾. That’s the first thing your guests will see that tells them this will be a mystical night devoted to wizardry and magic in a world of fantasy. Having a Harry Potter party can be a great deal of fun when you add all the right accents to turn any home into the school for budding wizards.

Scamander wrote the text that Potter uses at Hogwarts, so creating the Great Hall there should be part of the decorations. The Great Hall is where the school year starts and meals are eaten. What could represent it better than banners with the crests of the four houses of Hogwarts. Floating candles are a must to complete this delightful illusion and they’re simple to make. All you need are candles and clear plastic thread or fishing line to give your room the perfect touch and recreate the great hall.

Do you remember Moaning Myrtle, the whining young ghost haunting the girl’s bathroom? Make her a part of the festivities, while adding a few extra touches for authenticity. The magical polyjuice potion that turned the drinker into someone else was also there. Moaning Myrtle was ecstatic at Hermione’s misfortune of turning into a cat, will your guests have the same problem when they drink a glass of the potion? Provide water or lemonade with a touch of green food colouring in a mystical bottle and cups for them to sample the brew.

One thing was certain at Hogwarts, they ate well. Pile the table in the Great Hall full of roast beef, Cornish pasties, black pudding and roast chicken. Add special brew, such as butter beer or Gillywater and sweets suitable for any wizard, like chocolate frogs, cauldron cakes and fizzing whizbees and you’ll have a feast fit for a school of hungry wizards.

Take a look at the infographic below and be inspired to create your own Harry Potter Style party.

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