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Tips & Tricks For Buying Perfect Headphones For Your Need

Some people are not used to do research when they are buying some product that doesn’t cost a huge amount of money. Same thing happens when they buy headphones. Even they don’t cost very much; everyone should make some research before buying because no one likes the fact that they wasted their own money. Headphones products are not simple, and they are able to keep some secrets that you will face only after buying, when it is maybe too late. Keep reading and we will explain some useful tips for headphones buyers.

1. Platform

Some headphones are not able to support all platforms. Most headphones are not able to do it, so we recommend deciding what platform should be covered with particular headphones. There are also different audio jacks that are being on headphones, starting from 3.5 and 2.5 mm modern audio jacks, professional 6.25 mm ones, all up to some very rare, and today not relevant audio jacks. If the list of platforms is significant, then we recommend looking for universal headphones.

2. Purpose

Main job for all headphones is to reproduce sound but today people use headphones for much more purposes than ever before. If you are traveling person, the best idea is to buy wireless headphones. Gamers and individuals who use communication services should buy a headset because of the microphone. People who are in love with music should look for audiophile headphones. We also recommend to those who don’t want to be distracted to buy some noise canceling headphones.

3. Comfort

This one is maybe most important because it is the most common reason of disappointed people after they bought some headphones. If you are going to use your headphones for long time during the day, then we definitely don’t recommend buying on-ear headphones. It is true that you can find great pair of on-ear headphones, but there are much more uncomfortable ones and risk is too high. Best choice would be over-ear ones and if you find some good pair of over-ear headphones, go for it! Otherwise, you can still pick some in-ear headphones.

4. Durability

Noone know how much would their headphones last until getting broken. There is one no written rule that says electronic devices getting broken after their warranty expires. That can be true, but the most important thing is to be careful about them. Headphones itself are usually a durable product. If it is not covered with some low quality plastic then they should be just fine. Real weak point for headphones is cable and it is important to take care of it. Another great idea is buying wireless headphones, so you don’t need to be careful about headphones wire. With wireless headphones you will not stand on cable for sure!

5. Sound

Speaking of sound, there are some factors that will determine sound quality. In last section we gave lots of credits to wireless headphones, but in this one we are sure that wired headphones are winners. Wired headphones do not need any battery, Bluetooth, infrared and other stuff that will create a signal for sound. All you need is to put the cable in audio jack and you will have constant sound. Lots of wireless headphones users often complain how they lose and gain sound and in fact, everything depends on signal. Sound quality also depends on headphones components that are responsible for sound reproduction. First of all, equalization system. The sound is being produced by magnetism that turns electrical energy into sound. To take care of sound quality, equalization system is trying to find a balance between components that are responsible for a frequency within an electronic signal.  Next important unit is sound driver unit that converts an electronic signal into a sound wave. As bigger the driver unit is, that bigger will speakers be, but that doesn’t mean quality sound. Sound driver in headphones is usually in the range of 8 mm in earbuds, all up to 20, or 50 mm. For sound quality, it is important to have sound driver unit that is created by quality materials. It will be tough to find all the informations about headphones from specification so we recommend buying them from some well-known retailer because they are spending more money on headphones testing. You wonder why? Because sound quality in headphones is actually not measurable. Something that sounds great to you maybe will sound awfull to me. To make customers satisfied, companies need to test what looks good to most of the people.

6. Price

Headphones is a type of product where price means nothing. Remember it, nothing! You can buy 200 dollar headphones that can be worse than 50 dollar ones. Isn’t it ridiculous? If you are preparing to buy some expensive headphones, we recommend you to do outstanding research about them because you are most likely buying headphones that are advertised very well and then their price is 4 times higher. When you see some headphones that are shining with colours and being advertised as gaming headphones, don’t run to buy them, but think about it first. This headphones are probably nothing better (or maybe even worse) than cheaper ones that are not advertised so much. This will most likely be the story with manufacturers that are not actually recognized as headphones manufacturers, but gaming, business, or something else product manufacturers. Remember, always be smarter than retailer or manufacturer, because their goal is to be smarter than customer.


In this article, we presented several ideas for people that are planning to buy headphones. We all know it isn’t nice when you get disappointed after shopping. Always keep in mind that manufacturers and retailers are very smart and they will make 50 times more money than the actual value of the product if they can, and they will be able if you don’t take care. We already mentioned it is the best idea to do research before shopping and if you follow our steps, you will most likely end up happy with your new high-quality headphones.

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