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5 Hidden Secrets of Video Poker that You Need to Know!

Video pokers enjoy as much popularity as pokies. However, video pokers enjoy special attention from competitive players who take it up as a challenge. Whereas, some players like to bring some skills to their game rather than relying on pure luck.

If you want to play video poker, find here top hidden secrets of video poker game with USA online play that will make your game more fun!

5 Hidden Secrets Play of Video Poker Game

1. Video Poker is better than pokies

Why? Because pokie machines are known to have lower RTP rates, and it was proved by some studies (especially, the offline pokie machines pay backless). Pokie fans either turn to online pokies or look for loose machines. The online pokies offer as much as 98% RTP, but video pokers have a way to even beat that.

If you master video poker, you can find even up to 101% RTP, which is more than what baccarat and blackjack offer. Experienced gamblers or players prefer playing table games to pokies at any given time. But owing to the low house edge, video poker offers a more favourable RTP.

2. The rules of video poker enable several payback percentages

You will find that identical games of video pokers might even have very different pay-backs. This may sound like pokie machines, but unlike pokies, there are no loose video poker machines. Moreover, video pokers disclose their payback rates. So, it is always smarter to go through the payouts for a flush and full house before you begin playing. The 9-6 Jacks or Better pays better than its 8-5 counterparts.

3. Not all video pokers are actually video pokers (one of the fascinating hidden video poker secrets)

Yes, some casinos have pokie machines dressed up as video poker games. You will usually find this kind of “video poker” machines at travel casinos. These pull tab video poker, and they are Class II gaming machines. Bingo games determine the Class II outcomes over a network. The “entertainment” display can be confused for a video poker game. Meanwhile, Class III games give out non-progressive results randomly at one.

4. You will lose faster at a Multiplay Video Poker

It is better not to opt for multi-hand poker because you are more likely to fumble and make one costly mistake as many players do. Every hand in a multi-play game is dealt with from a different deck. But rarely a player knows these hidden secrets of video poker – the random numbers for the first are common across all the games.

This means, if you win a single hand, you win all the 100 hands. Similarly, if players lose play once, they lose all the hands in one go. After the initial hand, every game operates using its own random numbers. It is like playing on 100 machines at once and betting on all of them in one go. Obviously, at this rate, you are likely to exhaust your bankroll faster.

5. Use strategy card/s the right way

Use of this strategy is especially important for players who have not used a strategy card before and one of the hidden secrets of video poker. You just have to remember these three key points while using strategy card/s –

  • Payoff rankings do not determine the strategy like probabilities of draws do.
  • Ensure that you hold the 3 or 4-card hand that goes with the top strategy.
  • Use a suitable strategy for every game. Mostly, beginners tend to mix and match strategies for different games.

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