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Tech Inventions That Helped to Change the World

Technology seems to be the lifeblood of our new modern day society. With more advancements being made each year, it almost seems as though we are living in a science fiction novel. The many brilliant tech inventions that have been introduced into society have made this a much easier world to live in than in previous times. With so many talented and brilliant minds working together to create amazing new inventions, it will be incredible to see where our world is in just a few short years from now.

The 3D printer

The 3D printer has revolutionized so many different industries. From small toys to car parts, it is easier now than ever to manufacture items that used to take expensive assembly lines and molds to make. The cost of creating certain items has greatly gone down due to these printers. 3D printers are now more accessible than they have ever been before. This makes it much easier for small businesses to make prototypes they can then show to investors and larger manufacturers.

Security doorbells

One of the biggest inventions of the last 10 years has been security doorbells. With the use of modern technology, the use of a doorbell camera will be able to alert you when someone approaches your house. You can now monitor your home from any place in the world. This will make traveling much easier now that you do not have to worry about your home while you are on the road.

Glowing jackets

Running during the early morning or at night can be a very dangerous thing to do. This is due to just how hard it is for cars to see you on the side of the road. There have been many accidents with pedestrians and motorists due simply to the fact that they were too hard to see on the side of the road. With the use of glowing jackets, joggers, walkers, and bikers will all be much easier to see when they are sharing the road during the dark hours of the night and morning. Also, these jackets can just be a fun fashion statement that you can wear to music festivals and other events.

Digital yoga mirrors

Digital yoga mirrors are making it easier than ever to get fit from the comfort of your own home. While looking at yourself doing yoga in the mirror, you simply have to match the moves of your digital instructor as they go through their routine. While this mirror is only being used for yoga at the moment, there are many applications for this mirror outside of yoga. Lifting weights properly from the comfort of your own home is something that will be very easy to do with digital mirrors like this.

Electric skateboards

Electric skateboards are becoming a very popular way to get around. With the affordability of these electric boards, many individuals who were unable to have transportation now have a cheap and effective way of getting around. While these boards are just starting to catch on, we may see a time where these boards are a very popular way for everyone to get around.

Headlight helmets

Headlight helmets are an invention that has made it much easier to see and be seen when you are on a bike. Before, you would have to install a small light onto your handlebars. This would do some good for lighting up your way and helping you to be seen by motorists, but it wouldn’t really get the job done. With the implementation of new headlight helmets, bikers are now able to light their way effectively while being easily seen by oncoming traffic.

These tech inventions have really helped to move our world forward. It won’t be long until we see these inventions in more home and more cities all around the world. With the advancement of technology pushing forward so quickly, it will be exciting to see what new tech comes out next.

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