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6 Trends in the Custom Software Development to Keep You in Business

It’s the time when every non-tech related company wants to have their own app, website, CRM and whatnot — but almost none wants to keep around an in-house development team. Thus we can see an increasing demand for custom software development services. You can check Solentive Software Development if you are looking for a company that can help your company grow.

If you are to jump on the bandwagon or keep it moving in the right direction — here are 6 trends to keep an eye on.

Chatbots 101

Dealing with clients can be very time-consuming. All of that hustle can be easily automated with the help of customer-friendly chatbots, who are able to communicate with the potential customer and point him directly to making an order completely on their own.

Chatbots are able to provide the potential customer with all the additional information he needs when doing research on business or making a decision on placing an order.

Demand for PaaS

PAAS provides operating systems, libraries and databases from the remotely located server, saving a business a ton of money on expensive servers, computers and other services software developers may need. Since not every business can afford to have a full-fledged development team, PAAS solutions will continue to grow in their popularity from this point forward.

Open Source Intensifies

Open source software is a product of not only the original developer: many users of the software are free to enhance and change it. With that much people voluntarily engaging the software is constantly getting better. Such cooperation is a great asset to the modern IT industry which is in need of efficient, reliable and well-programmed software. Increasing demand for new software leads to more extensive use of the open source.

Software Development Teams Are Going Global

Sometimes hiring a team of software developers that work great means searching for them all around the globe. Different locations and time-zones are no longer inconveniences: with cloud-based development, different means of remote communication it is possible to provide efficient work from wherever the developers are. With a growing demand for skilled developers such a “worldwide” approach to hiring a dedicated development team will definitely prove to be beneficial for businesses.

Getting Customers on the Same Page

With time moving forward, custom software development firms will come across the clients who have close to none idea of how software is developed. Dealing with such customer takes caution and more thorough planning than usual. Whoever you have as your client: better customer service is aimed at making sure that he is in the loop.

Progressive Web Apps Are Getting Better

Progressive Web Apps — next step of evolution when it comes to mobile app development. Companies and businesses are already pumping a ton of money into developing their website — but there’s a problem. Cheap hardware and ease of use of mobile devices play their role: so now we have more than 60% of the internet users accessing it via their phones or tablets.

That creates a need for a dedicated mobile app. Often it is easier to use, it’s more responsive and stable and… costs an arm and a leg to develop. For dealing with some businesses users may even prefer using a mobile version of their website — just so they can avoid installation and login process.

That’s where PWA’s will come in handy. Such apps basically combine every good thing about mobile websites and dedicated applications: they are as fast and responsive as regular apps, and they do not require installation.

All user has to do is to go on the website, and add the shortcut to his home screen. The app will be launched without the browser UI, will be able to operate offline and gain access to the device memory and hardware, work in the background and send notifications. The experience is very close to that of the dedicated application and PWA’s don’t require a dedicated mobile development team: a team of web developers will handle the task easily.

PWA’s save effort and money — no wonder many major companies are making use of them.

Moving Towards Efficiency

With more companies getting out there on the web to help customers get the most out of their services and products, there will be more custom software development solutions to be provided.

For the sake of simplifying and optimizing the process of bespoke software development, the companies will make use of open source tools and programming languages like Go, cloud-based platforms, and even new formats of applications.

This, along with the improvements on the side of customer service, will contribute a lot to the business advancement.

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