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Published on August 28th, 2015 | by Guest


4 Major Myths the Business Organizations Believe When It Comes To Enterprise Business Videos

When it comes to enterprise business videos we all come across a stage where we are eager to know how many people have seen the business videos and for how long. And on YouTube we have videos that are being published from across the world that has had a highest view, and got an idea that if the video does not meet the criteria through analytics then you are not connected.

In a research study conducted in the year 2005 says claiming a lot of business videos tend to become successful without having any high counts, but when it comes to smaller business organizations you would here need to find success through metrics other than views. Given below are some of the major myths the business organizations believe when it comes to enterprise business videos.


YouTube is just for young people and not for entrepreneurs: With millions and lakhs of individuals visiting YouTube, the site does have a broad base of regular reviews. Say for example 75% of the men and women from the ages 18 – 54 are on YouTube. And when you are planning a campaign you need to pay attention to all those individuals whom you are planning to reach out through your campaign. Through YouTube you could optimize your business videos by adding the right set of keywords that are related to your business, so that the ones searching through those keywords find your business videos. Remember doing this would help you focus on the all those clients and customers who matter the most for your business.

They just want to see funny videos: Videos are something that just does not have to be informative but even interesting and entertainment enough. Infact it is believed that there are more than three times searches for videos that begin with how to, when compared to videos that begin with music videos.

YouTube is just a conversion platform: Though this is something that might be true in the past, businesses would continue to use videos at every stage of their business when it comes to the concept of sales. Some even believe and say that the marketers use videos for all the products and services they are offering in order to increase the conversions. Though this is a technique that continues to work even today for all the businesses, they can be more effective enough when you have it shared through social media, on the home page and your product store.

Organizations would need to spend a lot when it comes to business videos: Though this might be true a few years back when YouTube had just started business videos are still considered to be most effective ones. Organizations spend a ton of money just to make their business videos professional that has no emotional impact and is considered to be useless. Business videos is not just about sound and lighting but is even about content as it shows the message that you are trying to convey to your marketing audience. So have a story created with some good and powerful images that would help you get connected with all your clients and customers. This is something that could also be done by some simple production values as long as you carefully discern what you would be adding on the screen.

To conclude the above mentioned 4 major myths have made the smaller business organizations to go about and create videos related to their business making them viral. So if you pay attention to the above mentioned details you could avoid all the myths and conceptions creating something that would help you in going viral.


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Claudia Metura is an expert in the IT industry with over 12 years of experience. She has collaborated with various companies to work on improving Business Video Management.

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