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Why Is Node JS Winning Developer’s Favor?

As JavaScript continues to gain popularity and dominate the apps development arena, experts are continually upping their game. Among the top measures that the developers utilize to keep up is learning the various elements that make JavaScript apps top-class, including choosing the best frameworks. While working your way around the platform, you may have come across Node JS, a quickly growing solution capturing the attention of most developers. What is Node JS and how/why is it winning favor in the apps development world?

Simply put, Node JS is a free, open-source server environment utilizing JavaScript, and it runs on varying platforms, including Mac OS, Linux, and Windows, to mention a few. Its architectural structure and features are the primary reasons it is attracting a significant following from developers. The top architectural edge includes;

  • Singe threaded: By working on a single thread, Node JS avoids context switching.
  • Event loop: Despite being single-threaded, the event loop allows Node JS to perform non-blocking I/O operations. The non-blocking design is an innovative approach to deal with code execution, giving Node JS an edge.
  • Front-end/back-end development: Front end is the visible part that users utilize to interact with your app (UI). The back end is the technical work dealing with database interactions and server-side scripting to facilitate data requests on the front end. Node JS facilitates both ends’ development, easing a developer’s quest to meet a project’s requirements without affecting its quality.

The architecture sounds simple enough, but this makes Node JS an irresistible solution as it facilitates great features. Among the most notable features include the following;

High performance

Node JS is built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. The single thread JavaScript facilitates multiple operating systems as it delivers a seamless network application. Coded in C++, Node JS has proven its unmatched performance, making it a go-to for many developers. The best part is that it is regularly updated and optimized, including upgrades to the security patches while ensuring that it supports JavaScript features.

Sharing is encouraged

You might hit a snag as you endeavor to develop your apps, but with Node JS, the process is a lot more comfortable. The platform boasts of an extensive following that you can leverage to make your efforts more productive. From sharing and reusing codes to providing updates, the Node Package Manager (NPM) facilitates and encourages sharing, consequently enhancing efforts to build practical solutions.

Lightweight and ideal for real-time apps

The Non-blocking feature on a single thread makes apps lightweight, while the V8 engine makes it stable and secure. With Node JS, you won’t be compromising your security even when creating real-time applications such as gaming apps. The best part is that it is scalable, making it easier to maintain and upgrade apps in a network-friendly way. To top it all, Node JS works well while building cross-platform apps.

Above are only a few of its features, as Node JS offers a lot more than you might initially anticipate. As developers continue to favor it, its popularity will only continue to grow.

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