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Published on August 25th, 2020 | by Bibhuranjan


Hands-on Review: Lanmodo Vast Pro Night Vision System Integrated With Dash Cam

In the last few years the automotive industry has progressed tremendously. The boom in the industry stimulated increase in the number of new cars sold yearly. As a result of which the car casualties has become so common that around every year 1.35 million people die globally in these accidents.

These drastic times call for drastic measures and hence many car manufacturing companies have come up with numerous safety devices to protect the drivers. Even I have tried my safety gadgets and one of them was Lanmodo Night Vision Camera. I immediately fell in love with that device but recently I got my hands on the upgraded version of it. Lanmodo sent me the Lanmodo Vast Pro Night Vision Camera to test out the features it offers and give my honest reviews about it. This night vision system comes with a dash cam and is packed with plenty of amazing features. The recording option, high video resolution, 45 degree field of view, etc. are all specially designed to make our driving experience safe. To give you guys a better idea I decided to write a detailed review of this system. Here are few of things I loved Lanmodo Vast Pro night vision dash camera



We human being love to see things which are presented well. Lanmodo has always been able to capture my attention when it comes to packaging. Just like the first version of Lanmodo Night Vision Camera, the upgraded version came in a well organised box. When I opened up the package I was happy to see the main product was covered with multiple foams to protect it from any kind of damage during transportation. Every part of the system was placed neatly in separate compartments to make sure the user can ensemble the product very smoothly.



The manufacturers of Lanmodo Vast Pro were very considerate while launching the product. It is a complete product and comes with a screwdriver, extra screws, dash cam, non-slip mat, and a easy-to-understand manual. You will need nothing more than these items to set it up. Just read the manual, place the camera at the desired spot, connect the cable and you’re good to go.


Key features

  • High Quality dual camera

It uses low-light imaging technology due to which the drivers get a crisp and clear view of the road even in darkness. The front and back camera works simultaneously and provide a full-Color 1080P high resolution image which is displayed on a large IPS screen to reflect the real road situation to the driver.

  • Reaches up to 984ft to present a broader view

The camera reaches far beyond than the car’s headlights to inform the driver about the road situation in advance. It extends up to 300m and features a 45-degree broad view which eventually enables the driver to take all the necessary precautions and minimise the chances of possible car collisions.

  • Offers real-time recording of road

As soon as you begin your ride, both the camera will start recording the footage automatically. The system has the capacity of 128G so in case of full storage the newest recordings will overwrite the oldest ones automatically. However, if the G-sensor detects any collision then it will locked the collision footage and keep it save from being overwritten.

  • Remarkable Dash cam with parking mode

The best part about Lanmodo Vast Pro is its ability to record even in the parking mode. Having a video proof is crucial in an event of an accident, hence if the sensor detects collision in the parking mode, both the cameras will automatically turn on and start recording the footage. Moreover, the monitoring is performed using OBD power which protects the battery from draining out rapidly.


The Real Test Effect

Since the first version of Lanmodo Night Vision Camera was such a hit so I had big expectations from this upgraded version as well. And I think it safe to say that all my expectations came true after trying out the Lanmodo Vast Pro.

YouTube video(inserted in the article):

The best features for me were:

  1. The installing of the product was super easy just like the first version. Place it either on the dashboard or windshield, connect the cable and just in 30 seconds you’re done.
  2. The built-in dash cam is a savior when it comes to live recording. For any incident you have a real-time proof
  3. The good quality anti-glare touch screen easily captures images and lets you share them through a smartphone
  4. The waterproof front and rear camera both works amazingly well in snowy and rainy weather.
  5. The continuous night parking monitoring system keeps your vehicle safe from theft or any unfortunate incident.


Golden Member Promotion 

Originally the Lanmodo Vast Pro is worth for $619 but the team has decided to give special benefit to its Golden Members. By spending $10 dollars only in the beginning the Golden Members can buy the Lanmodo Vast Pro with 128G TF card in just $199. The Golden members can also enjoy priority in purchasing this amazing device. And you know what’s the best part about this Golden Membership is? You can even reclaim your $10 if you don’t want to purchase Lanmodo product.

This is once in a lifetime opportunity so what are you waiting for? Just click on “Be a Golden Member” button, place your order with just a $10 payment and get your Golden Member ID right away.

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