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ADT announces partnership with LG and Nest for next generation automation services

Boca Raton, FL-based ADT Home Security announced this week that they will be partnering with electronic giant LG and home automation company Nest to deliver an all-in-one security device. The device, which has yet to be named, was announced on ADT’s Newsroom site yesterday.


LG’s role in the partnership will be the development of the all-in-one device, while Nest, who is known for their Learning Thermostat, is to integrate with ADT’s Pulse home automation system.

What is known about the device so far is that it will feature a 5-megapixel camera with video capture for video monitoring. It should be noted that ADT does currently offer video monitoring through Pulse. On top of this, the new device, which could be a doorbell camera or another type of outdoor security camera, will also have a 150-degree field of view, speakers, microphone and infrared technology that works out to a little more than 9 meters.


While no release date has been set, many sources are reporting that the device should be available by the end of this year.

ADT reported in their announcement that the device will also have support for Wi-Fi, Z-Wave (which currently powers ADT Pulse appliance integration), and others. According to CNet, this new product should also offer professional monitoring that isn’t weighed down by a contract or early termination fees.

Customers who are current subscribers of ADT pay into a monthly plan that gives them 24/7 monitoring. ADT Pulse is currently the most advanced option that ADT customers can get, with the recent release of an app that is accessible through voice recognition. But more DIY systems put the monitoring at the hands of the residents themselves, essentially cutting out the middle man.

Catching up with the rest

ADT seems to understand in order to keep up with the fast-moving DIY home security market that has been paved by startup companies such as Piper and Canary, they’ll have to move away from stifling old-school services that still include yearly contracts.

Based on the description of the new product, there are definitely a lot of parallels along Canary’s $249 product. Canary’s camera is 1080p, just like what was reported for the new ADT product, and a 147-degree lens.

At only six inches high and 3 inches in diameter, Canary’s product is without a doubt, small. This is another example of ADT and LG appearing to take the small-sized model and adapt into the new product as well.

The more consolidated and less visually intrusive ADT can make this product, the more attractive it will be to more on-the-move residents. ADT security does currently provide portable equipment to renters, the new devices will concentrate all of the current equipment in into one, easy-to-transport device.

New impressions

Maybe it is because of the sudden influx of newcomers to the home automation market, but ADT has dealt with the unfortunate label of being “behind the times”. This new partnership with Nest and LG could bring a new impression of the company that is currently battling this label.

ADT recently hired actor Ving Rhames as the company spokesperson, staring in several commercials that are mainly promoting ADT Pulse automation.

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