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5 Tips for Creating an Effective Video Like YouTube Stars (#5 is the best)

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Did you know that over 1.5 billion users visit YouTube each month? And most of them spend at least an hour watching YouTube videos on their smartphones. All the more reason to look for the best 5 tips for creating an effective video like YouTube stars, right?

Facebook is another popular platform for live streaming and video. It gets as many as 8 billion views with over 100 million hours of video watching on a daily basis. Other live streaming social media platforms include Amazon’s Twitch and Twitter’s Periscope.

So if you want to know how to start a video blog on YouTube, you need have the right skills to create video content. Without understanding the basics of the process, you don’t get the upper hand when it comes to building a large and loyal audience.

So I’ve put together a useful guide for you below. These are the essential 5 tips for creating an effective video like YouTube stars. If you follow the instructions properly, they might just boost your vlogging efforts on any platform you need.

5 Tips for Creating an Effective Video like YouTube Stars

#1 Give Importance to Metadata

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If you look at successful YouTube stars’ channels, you’ll see that they don’t just offer engaging videos. They make the most of this thing called “Metadata.” It includes the title, description, tags, and keywords that are just as important as the video content. Without metadata, don’t expect YouTube to rank your videos, no matter how popular they are.

In short, metadata helps in getting discovered on YouTube. It’s important to cut through all that noise, isn’t it?

Let’s talk about Gary Vaynerchuk for a second here. If you visit his YouTube channel, you’ll come across descriptions that include time stamps. These are filled with relevant keywords and they help viewers in navigating his videos in a much better manner. Even the links that he talks about in the videos are a part of the description.

#2 Create Two Types of Video Content

YouTube stars tend to vary the content that they produce and publish on the platform. More often than not, this content falls under two categories, “Pull Content” and “Push Content.”

The former has an evergreen nature, which means it has a more viral and wider appeal. It pulls the new audience to the channel and is responsible for convincing them to subscribe.

On the other hand, push content contributes to pushing your subscribers to watch your video by creating something that you know they’ll like.

So keeping that in mind, every successful YouTube channel should offer both types of video content. Let me make my point with an example. Jimmy Fallon’s following is quite huge but his videos don’t get that many views. However, the one with Obama attracted over 12 billion views.

So what does that tell you? It means that the Obama video had a comparatively wider appeal than the rest of his content. And the chances of such a video being responsible for achieving the 10-million YouTube subscriber mark are also quite high.

#3 Craft Your Video Titles Carefully

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Now I don’t mean creating titles that make you look desperate. What I’m trying to tell you is that your video titles need to sound short as well as snappy. The goal is to offer a quick, intriguing insight. And whatever you do, don’t leave out the main keyword.

Put yourself in your audiences’ shoes, people who have never visited your channel or watched your videos before. As a complete stranger, would you dare to click on that title you shaped up? If you have even the slightest doubt, then it’s a better idea to think of something snappier.

But don’t forget to be honest. Promising A and then delivering B does not attract a loyal audience.

#4 Make “Engagement” Your Ultimate Goal

Everybody knows that you need to choose the good camera for YouTube videos. But only a few people realize that engaging with the fan base is also equally important. In fact, some of us tend to block it out because we value other aspects more.

Making your audience feel like you’re a real person who cares about what they think is a major step towards achieving success on YouTube. Now I’m not suggesting that you reply to each comment. But don’t ignore them all. Drop in a few words occasionally to let your loyal fan base know that you do pay attention to what they say.

In that case, it’s best to keep away from YouTube trolls. Don’t even think about dignifying them with a response.

#5 Collaborate with Fellow YouTubers

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The last of the 5 tips for creating an effective video like YouTube stars is collaboration. It is considered to be the most effective and simplest way of achieving new subscribers as well as more views for your videos.

If you’ve already received a small share of fame on YouTube, you should know that there are much more like you. So try to reach out to them as the chances of such YouTubers wanting to collaborate are pretty high. It means inviting their audience to your personality and channel, and vice versa.

You can also shout out to any other YouTube channel of your choice. For example, say something like “If you think my videos are funny, you won’t stop laughing when watching “the name you want to recommend.”

Wrap Up

These are the five essential ingredients for a successful video strategy on YouTube. But you need to understand that implementing most of the tips discussed above is important if you’re genuinely dedicated to the process.

Becoming famous on social media, especially video and live streaming platforms, is not an easy task. But if you share that common denominator with YouTube stars, the likelihood of gaining success increases.

So tell me, do you have any other tactics to share with us here? Is there something in particular that you tried and that didn’t work out? Don’t forget to drop in your thoughts and comments below.

Thank you for investing time in both my blog and your passion.

I hope to see you again soon.





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