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Upgrade Your WhatsApp Now With The New Features

Facebook-owned WhatsApp has brought on some new features for its latest version to enhance the overall experience of Android and IOS users. The updates have come hot on the heels of other features earlier this year which included expanding group chats, upgrading new layout, latest icons and lots of changes in the Settings menu.

Here are new features to check out. Users can now access these updates by downloading the latest WhatsApp versions from the Google Play Store and from iTunes.

Profile Picture Update


WhatsApp has been constantly making changes to its features, design and a lot more. It has upgraded to a new design feature. If you head to the settings page of WhatsApp you will find that the profile picture in circular with floating action button to update your photo.

WhatsApp In regional language


With the latest upgrade users will now have access to many language. In the settings menu under chats you can now view app language option which can be changed to another language including English, Marathi, Hindi, Gujarati and a few other regional languages.

More Users Upgrade

Until now WhatsApp group chat was limited to 100 users and the update now pushes the limit to 256 users. Which means users can now chat with more people at the same time.

PDF document sharing


The latest WhatsApp update now allows you to send documents to other people along with photos and audio clips in chat messages. It has included this slew feature in both their iOS and Android apps. Where Apple users can also choose PDFs to send from other apps installed on your phone like iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive (iOS 8+). Moreover Android users can also view PDFs that they sent and received by tapping on Media Button from the contact info or group info options on their app.

Share More photo and videos


WhatsApp, iOS users still have the option to share photos or videos from other apps installed on your phone like Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive using the new update. With the iOS update WhatsApp users can activate this option by opening their ‘Photo/Video Library’ and next tapping ‘Choose from another app’. All this with improved new feature for browsing photos and videos.

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Zoom in on playing videos

WhatsApp did announce that the Apple iOS users will be provided with the ‘pinch to zoom’ feature on their phones to strop on videos while they’re playing.

Starred message updates

WhatsApp Android users with the latest WhatsApp update are now had a chance to have a glance at starred messages for the received chat from contact info or group info. With this new features users who are clearing chats and still to keep their starred messages.

Solid colour backgrounds

For those Apple iOS users WhatsApp has also added to new feature to pick from a variety of solid colours for your chat background.

More Storage

The latest update has fixed a bug that caused the app to take up a lot of storage space on iOS upgrade. This obviously means we can now store more pictures and have more fun.

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