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How Smart Cards Benefit the Health of Your Workforce and the Planet

Recent unprecedented events have thrown the health of the nation into sharp focus. Businesses and organisations are developing new and more efficient ways to protect their health – both personal and financial. Hygiene and safety are foremost in everyone’s minds. And new technology plays a crucial part in safeguarding and enhancing the health of employees and the environment.

Here are some ways smart cards and smart card technology help improve environmental and personal health in the workplace.

Smart Cards for Contactless Transactions

It is now more important than ever to cut physical contact as much as possible in transactions. Smart card technology allows for contactless payments and access. The benefits of going contactless are huge. Transactions are faster and also safer as they prevent viruses from spreading through the payment or access process. Businesses looking to improve their hygiene levels and help make the environment safer are increasingly adopting contactless technology for access control, payments and log-ins. The wide range of contactless card designs means each member of the workforce can have their own personalised card, which cuts the risk of people picking up the wrong card.

Contactless smart cards are also more secure. Data transmission is safe and personal details are not required for transactions. These cards are also waterproof and can be cleaned, which helps promote hygiene in the organisation.

Smart Cards with Antimicrobial Protection

Antimicrobial badge and cardholders are now available. Many businesses are using these items to help prevent the spread of germs. Badge and cardholders are useful because they allow people to keep their cards safe and they prevent damage. But these holders are often passed between many people in the course of a day. If they are not cleaned regularly, they can be a way for viruses and germs to pass from person to person. Antimicrobial badge and cardholders, made using an antimicrobial additive on the surface that prevents the growth and spread of bacteria, are healthier and more convenient for the workplace.

Environmentally Friendly Smart Cards

There are other ways you can help protect the planet and promote more sustainable and healthy working practices. Smart cards are made not only from PVC but from recycled plastic and even wood. These materials are better for the environment and provide the same durability and practical convenience. Recycled PVC is cost-effective and biodegradable, which makes it an ideal choice for high volumes of cards and items that are used for just a short time before being discarded.

Smart card technology provides cost savings across the organisation. With the added benefits of enhanced health protection and environmental safeguarding, modern smart cards are the logical choice for businesses. Now is the ideal time to implement contactless access, control and payment systems in your organisation. Smart card technology can also be integrated into computer system log-ins and payment for meals, snacks and drinks in the office. Smart cards also make access to gyms and health clubs healthier and more secure.

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