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Publicity platform that works so effectively

You have a new service or a product that needs to reach out to the people. This is something handled by most marketing specialists and they have a bunch of techniques to go about this task. Depending on the product, you can do offline publicity or go the online route. Going the latter route is more preferred as most people are quite active online especially on social media platforms.

When people need to buy something, the internet is the first place where people will be at, looking for customer reviews or blog reviews on a variety of blogs. Even if you weren’t alone in the marketing team, it would take just too much effort to find and contact blogs in the same niche as your product. And if you thought of creating your own blogs for this purpose, forget about it.

Bloggers are the best at what they do and it is often reliable to put the job of reviewing stuff on the professionals.

Getreviewed is a great website can be analogous to having a blogger and marketers meet up. It is a marketing platform where advertisers create requests for bloggers and reviewers to review products or services. You pay a bunch of money and have your job done quickly while the bloggers earn a living from that money.

An easy to use dashboard on gives a glimpse of your account finances, articles, statistics, pending and approved articles and so on. While creating new advertisements you can have your requirements clearly put down so it just gets easier for the writer to understand what you need. A clearly put down set of requirements wastes thelittle time of the person on the other end.

There are various writers that write in a wide spectrum of categories. Some may write on finance while others may be passionate about art and so on. As an advertiser, you will be getting the option to select thecategory you want to target.

Advertisers are ensured to get high-quality content in return because follows strict guidelines on blog acceptance. Blogs with 20+ domain authority are accepted in the program. Additionally, the blogs accepted have a less than 2 million Alexa rank which equates to at least 300 to 400 unique visitors per day. Before even taking the blog on board the program, it is monitored for thelegitimacy of the traffic as well as the content. Full set of criteria can be found on their website, but this only tells us that if in case you happen to use’s services, you are likely to have a pleasant experience that will only lead you to come back for more.

There is this worry around sponsored posts that some bloggers simply delete the post after few days. In that case, Getreviewed offers a full refund.

Just as it has so many features for advertisers, the payouts for bloggers is something that keeps everyone happy. They pay through PayPal once the 14-day period of article review is over. There is no signup fee for bloggers but advertisers do have to pay a subscription fee of $9.99 per month. You can also avail the 7day trial offer to test out their services. is truly a one-stop shop for advertisers and marketing professionals. It indeed makes their life simple and at the same time, it is an opportunity for the bloggers to earn some cash.

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