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What does the future hold for professional sports? Fight to Fame Knows

Mixed Martial Arts is a 7 billion dollar industry and one of the most popular sports with a wide viewership. Even though blockchain technology is fairly new, if it catches on in the world of Mixed Martial Arts, it will find a more mainstream uptake.

Making it in Mixed Martial Arts is no mean feat. It means spending years in training and literally fighting your way to the top. Only a few are good enough to earn fame and fortune. After years of losing, only the most passionate survive.

Lots of fighters have already signed up for the new platform Fight to Fame, in hopes of making it big. While it certainly will not be easy, at least it gives everyone a chance.

Fight to Fame would be like any other reality show, only that its unique business model makes it stand out. Some people find the idea of blockchain in sports surprising, but the founders of Fight to Fame are confident that it will succeed.

The show has developed its own cryptocurrency that users will use to access the Fight to Fame exclusive events and show support for the supporters they like in the course of what promises to be a cut-throat competition.


Fight to Fame has introduced a new business model to sports – one that incorporates blockchain technology in the world of Mixed Martial Arts sports.

The users of their blockchain platform will have a FF token and will get front row seats to the Fight to Fame platform. The FF token will be a unique Initial Coin Offering designed to enable fans to get series access cards as well as to vote for the fighters on the reality TV show Fight to Fame.

Hollywood Studios

Hollywood has already shown interest in trying on the new platform. Well established Hollywood production houses like Nu Boyana, Millennium Films, and Nu Image have already partnered with Fight to Fame in this exciting new venture.


Fight to Fame is going global in a way that no other Mixed Martial Arts franchise has done before. The platform will be allowing contestants from across the world to compete for a shot at Hollywood stardom.

Fight to Fame will also be vying to enter previously almost untapped markets like India and Africa. Because Fight to Fame has the network for film distribution and television broadcasting in over 70 countries, the venture will reach a wider audience than ever seen before.

The Origins of Fight to Fame

The idea of Fight to Fame was conceived two years ago by a team composed of people like Tim Smithe who won an Emmy, Rigan Machado, Chris Van Heerden, and Carlos Kremer. They have added more to their number, including new fighters and executives.


Proponents of Blockchain technology say that it brings unprecedented transparency to the world of sports. Instead of a small number of promoters controlling the sport of Mixed Martial Arts and Boxing, blockchain allows fans to have a bigger voice and it gives fighters greater agency over their careers.

Blockchain allows for a more transparent and secure system of transacting in sports. Fans and players will be more trusting as a result.

Fight to Fame hopes to emerge as the only provider of Hollywood Action Stars.


As the project continues, it will create a fair chance for each contestant to monetize. Traditionally, fighters have to rely on prize monies, and what they earn is determined by promoters. Here, fighters will have an opportunity to determine their own earnings from their fans. Fans globally will have more opportunities to engage with their favorite fighters.

Fight to Fame doesn’t just allow fighters to fight their way to Hollywood movie roles. It also gives them opportunities to make money as they progress on the show. This will happen through blockchain technology as fans purchase FF tokens to witness the live events and fighters get paid in turn.

Fighters have traditionally been underpaid for the great risks that they take, while a few people get rich. Now with fewer middlemen, fighters are set to earn more money and fans can spend less to watch sports.


Hackers who tamper with online transactions have taken a toll on the sports and entertainment industries. It is hoped that blockchain technology can be incorporated into sports and entertainment to provide total security of the customer’s information. By designing a decentralized method of buying Fight to Fame tokens, the system has become a lot more secure than other sporting ventures.

Blockchain technology makes it difficult for people to interfere with records because the platform is impenetrable and both the fans and fighters will not hesitate to share their information.

Fans will be happy to enjoy anonymity as they purchase their FF tokens. The owner is the only one who can get private keys.

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